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The Wrap Life ™ was created by Nnenna Stella who designs head wraps that inspire magical women.

Instagram: @thewraplife
Instagram: @nnennastella

When did you start The Wrap Life?
The Wrap Life launched January 15, 2014.

What inspired you to create this?
I wanted to express myself beyond the accessories I grew up wearing. I started wearing head wraps and the feeling that followed was transformative. I started to Google thinking there’d be shops with gorgeous wraps that could be purchased and shipped since I prefer shopping online. I didn’t find any shops and felt a little upset that a head wrap store didn’t exist. I got an intuitive nudge and thought, why not just open my own shop? I wanted other women to have access to beautiful head wraps and the confidence one can feel while wearing one. Nine months later, I launched.

Do you have a mission/philosophy statement?
“We serve the seeker”. The Wrap Life wants to empower women to ask “what do I want?” and support them on their own curious journeys of discovery and self-expression.

Do you feel like the wrap has become timely now as I think it’s a movement now?
Absolutely, the head wrap has become more popular in recent years.

What or who do you think has spearheaded this movement?
This is the result of several head wrap brands integrating the head wrap into mainstream culture as well as having larger, well known brands pair head wraps with their fashion on the runway. The Wrap Life also inspires through example. Some shoppers need to to see someone wearing something before they’re comfortable doing so. If you browse our Instagram profile, you’ll see everyday women wearing our head wraps. Some are doctors, educators or creatives.

Is there a right or wrong way to wrap?
For me, the head wrap is a tool of self-expression. Self-expression is best when you don’t label its execution as right or wrong. The slightest things can create monumental shifts and wearing a head wrap can be the shift that propels a woman into being more creative or expressive. We often get comments on our social media profiles from followers asking for specific tutorials because they want to create the same style another woman has created. We encourage our supporters to get creative and express themselves in their own way.

Where do you live and where is fave hangouts?
I live in Brooklyn, New York and my favorite hangout is home. I’ve recently started to cook more at home and really enjoy inviting friends over. For international hanging out, I love Marrakech, Morocco. I’d like to spend more time living and working here.

March is the Spring issue … is there anything fashion, accessory wise you’re coveting this season?
I live a bit outside the zone of seasonal fashion coveting but I do love the earrings created for my new shop, Nnenna Stella, launching this spring. They’re made by Studio Sophia Sophia and they’re fun geometric shapes that can be paired or mixed.

Where do you get you inspiration?
I gather a lot of inspiration from the dream realm. I’ve been voice recording my dreams since 2007 and writing them down since I was a teenager. It’s an incredible tool for self discovery and insight. I also find inspiration in the women I meet and hearing their stories of growth. On a personal level, I try to think of the world as this dynamic field that reacts to my intention and thoughts. This is hard work sometimes but I the results are pretty magical.

What is next for you?
I’m focused on getting a little uncomfortable. This kind of work can be scary but ultimately, it’s the only way forward. Im asking myself what’s possible, building relationships with other women who inspire and enjoying the process of working hard to make it all happen.

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