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Vanesa Coore, The Bazaar Bohemian, uses her social media platforms to provide creative nourishment, spread #PositiveLoveEnergy, and bring together her love of global goods through Souk •{Bohemian}•. Through social media she’s been able to use her multiple platforms to offer distinct, and creative visuals that tell stories through a free and spirited lifestyle.
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The Bazaar Bohemian is an all-inclusive tribe and movement. What lead up to this place in your journey to create such a platform?
I think throughout my life I always had a calling for more…but didn’t fully understand what it was until about 2 or 3 years ago. I felt like the •{Universe}• was trying to fully tap into me, but I wasn’t quite ready yet. The process involved a lot of tears, a lot of self reflecting, alot of questioning, and alot of soul searching. Trying to figure out my Purpose…trying to find my •{Spiritual}• center is a journey I might be on the rest of my life. But, as I learned the layers of myself, as I learned my Magic, I started to realize the work that I was intended to do. 

I also realized I actually had A LOT of Work to do…and I couldn’t “Give it to anyone”, I couldn’t simply pray about it. I HAD to do the work myself, and that’s no simple task. To actually be present with my actions, to actually work at becoming a better person, and not just writing about it. I know that apart of my life’s work is to spread as much #PositiveLoveEnergy as possible. It was to create to •{Global}• community that encourages, and promotes each and every Creative Spirit to find, and live in their brightest of •{Lights}•!!!  

I would also like to add that without the unrelentless, and unwavering support of my Mom, Sister, Friends, and Lover Haz, I wouldn’t be in this space. Each and every one of them have contributed something so •{Powerful}• to my growth, and to my Journey. Without them I wouldn’t have been able to cultivate Bazaar •{Bohemian}•, or any of the other meaningful projects I’ve been apart of.  

What are you often asked in regards to The Bazaar Bohemian? How do you answer?
I’m often asked how I became so confident in “Who I am”. I tell them that I’m still on that •{Journey}•, but I know that being ANYTHING less then what the Universe created me to be is disservice. That each of us are created to do something so Unique, and so Powerful, that the more time we spend trying to be someone we’re not, the more time we spend NOT doing what we were meant to do…makes our Journey here a lot less impactful. We do however have to believe the work we are doing, whether it feels BIG or small, is all apart of a much bigger picture…and that our •{Contribution}• is extremely necessary. 

You often talk about love and light. What is love and light to you? How do you give it/receive it?
Love and Light is literally the center of my life. Love is the reflection of you into someone, and someone into you. It’s the •{Core}• of who we are as beings, and essential to the World…it’s growth and healing. The Light is all about Positive Energy…what you’re sending into the Universe, and what you’re getting in return. Making sure you’re actively contributing to the Soul of the earth. That you’re watering the roots, and spreading more seeds. Both literally, and figuratively. 

In one of your YouTube videos you talk about fashion, identity, and how to be true to oneself regardless of what people may say or think. What do you often see is a deterrent for a young woman with fashion, identity, and truthfulness? How can you translate that to my Ageless Chic woman? 
I think several things come into play. One of them is following these so called “Rules” in regard to fashion. When somethings in season, when somethings on trend, when it’s not in season, when it’s not on trend. But when you don’t concern yourself with that, and just worry about what makes you feel great…you’ll learn how to •{Shine}• in your own light!!! How to pull from your surroundings, your culture, and piece together your own unique sense of self. I believe spending time cultivating your own •{Identity}•, your own fingerprint is time well spent. Being true to yourself means not giving other people such a strong place in your creation. What I mean by that is stop looking for outward recognition, or acceptance, and continue to search inward. Find a style, find a look that makes all of you feel like you’re •{Vibrating}• higher. That to me, is how you create a timeless, ageless, effortlessly chic personal style.

You have an objective to reach out to small business for partnership and opportunities; and to build a global network of creative individuals. You have your own website and blog and are on Tumbler, YouTube, and Instagram. You have burst out of the local community and are global. I personally know that building a business is not easy, let alone a global one. What platform have you experienced has given the Tribe the most growth? Which is the most effective? 
At this time I would definitely have to say Instagram has allowed for so many of our projects to grow, but that’s also in sync with consistency, branding, purpose, vision, and drive. Focusing on pushing these projects into more than just a social space, but into a business space has been no small task…but it’s definitely worth it. The plan is to build something that can flourish on several different levels. To create something that has longevity and sustainability…not just popularity. So far I’ve learned the value of educating yourself, doing the necessary research, and treating your small business like big business. No excuses, full accountability, and a vision forward!

Where do you want the Tribe to go? And how do you want to see it transforming?
Project •{Tribe}• is such a special special Love. She’s definitely a force that took off running all on her own! Now that we’ve had about 2 years of her growth, and some transitions, I know that she’s ready for the next phase. With strong contributors like Asahi from @The.Mindful.Mama, and Melody from @MelodyOrganics, and Veronica Wright on the Tech side, we’re definitely moving in a •{Forward}• direction. Presently we’re working on a Coffee Table book in partnership with Soul Pick called BrownBohemians. This book will highlight the  brown, and black creative community. Through their self expression, their artistry, their words, and unparalleled talents. We plan to share the images, and narratives of this under represented, yet absolutely brilliant community. Moving forward we also plan to  collaborate with other organizations to work on retreats, and workshops that help strengthen, unify, and inspire our community.

Who do you follow on social media for inspiration?
Hmmmm…I’m totally obsessed with my doll  Maryams @mmontagueliving space, and life, it’s unbelievably aspirational! Some other IG’s I frequently follow are @nativehighs as Franny and Fenton are the quintessential Bohemian dream team. @DisfunkshionMag is a beautifully curated magazine that is saturated in color, and . Solange’s @SaintRecords is just a plethora of LIFE, Art, and Creativity!!! @Myleik from Curlbox is so open in sharing her business advice, and encouraging us to do the necessary work to create our own lanes. And last, but definitely not least is Nilly from @SoulPick. She’s cultivated a super beautiful community of powerful narratives, with powerful melanin filled images.

Where do you find the inspiration in the most unlikely of places? 
There’s a quote from Marcel Proust that says “The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes, but in having •{New}• eyes”. I truly believe that if we paid closer attention to all of the incredibly beautiful moments that surround us, we would be in •{Awe}• of what the Universe has created. Sometimes I feel like if it doesn’t have a big arrow pointing to it saying “LOOK HERE” we don’t really make the effort to dig deeper, to see more. I think we get so caught up in the day-to-day, that we can drive past…walk past…look past, so many of the Worlds wonders. If we pay closer attention we could live a life that’s even MORE inspiring, even more fulfilling. Once you start to be more •{Open}•, the Universe will send you sooooooo much more!!! 

To keep yourself centered, how do you start your day? How do you end your day? 
I start my day by first sending infinite amounts of •{Gratitude}• into the Universe. It could be verbally, it could be energetically, but I definitely make it a priority. I truly know how powerful being grateful is. I also try and have a cup of mint tea…it allows for a moment to gather my thoughts, gather my energy, and set my intentions for the day. I end my day with the same amount of gratitude, and usually sit with myself for about 20 minutes for a quiet meditation. Where nothing is on, no one is around, and I am grounding my center…making sure my root chakra is being recharged.

If you had one word of wisdom to impart to a young woman or my Ageless Chic woman, what would you give?
Ahhhhh!!! I’m so not good with one word. lol But I would definitely say BELIEVE!!! But if I could say a four, I would definitely say BELIEVE IN •{YOUR}• MAGIC!!! 

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