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Ted Gibson is one of the most sought-after editorial, runway, and celebrity hair stylists in the business but perhaps most known for toiling over the tresses of top celebrities including Angelina Jolie, Lupita Nyong’o, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Debra Messing, Ashley Greene, Gabrielle Union and many more… or as a resident hair guru on TLC’s “What Not to Wear” and was responsible for the participants life-changing makeovers.

Congrats on your new cosmetics line…. how did it come about?
I think makeup is a natural progression for me. I’ve always had a hand in creating makeup looks. With any look, hair is a component to the makeup, and vice versa. I believe that beauty is individual, and in my collection I have something for every kind of woman.

What is your philosophy when it comes to hair and makeup?
I believe that ‘Beauty is Individual’ and that ‘Hair Changes Everything’. I also believe that makeup and hair go hand in hand. I always say that women should change their hair at least once a year. I also think a little lipstick brightens any woman’s face!

What inspires you?
Life, hair and beauty, and that comes in many different forms. From landscape to a beautiful woman’s hair.

You have worked with some amazing women over the years, how do you find such great clients and what would you say they singularly have in common?
All of them have been looking for the next thing in life. And what that means to me, is that #hairchangeseverything.

What is the biggest mistake you see women make when it comes to hair and makeup?
Not making a change! That change can create long lasting sex, love and relationships.

What is the ted gibson Fall 2014 hair and makeup look?
The ted gibson Fall 2014 is all about color. We’re not afraid of bold colors and are making a statement about having it become the everyday norm. My collection is called PATINA.

What is your advice when it comes to hair?
I think that hair can accentuate how a woman feels about herself. It’s my job as a beauty guru to bring out her best features. It can be the length of her neck, her jawline, her cheekbones or her eyes. With a haircut and style this is all possible.

What is in your survival kit during Fashion Week NYC?
A carry big rolling case that has products, 6 different sizes of curling irons, 3 types of flat irons, a blow dryer (2 bags of product). I also must have a Starbucks green tea, no water extra ice. It gives me wings! lol!

What are your fave hangouts in NYC?
I love DBGB, Hudson River Park because I live in the West Village, ted gibson salon NYC and I love Broadway shows!

What shows are you going to work on this Fashion Week NYC?
Pamella Roland and Carmen Marc Valvo

What do you do when you’re not working… how do you unwind?
I have a country house in the Catskills that I love to retreat to. I meditate and read inspirational messages.

What’s next for the ted gibson beauty empire?
I am so excited about being the Style Curator for the Knickerbocker Hotel, scheduled to open in November 2014. My amenities are also in the hotel.




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