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LoudBoi Styles is 36 years old born-and-raised in Baltimore, Maryland. In the last two years he has had the opportunity to work as a personal assistant and also as an intern assisting in the sewing of ready-to-wear garments with the amazing Kithe Brewster as his mentor. He loves to visit New York City and meet new people. He enjoys photography and his favorite color is blue. His favorite color to wear is black. And he is the biggest clown. He loves to tell jokes and make people laugh.

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Congratulations on your debut collection in Baltimore F/W 2016! Tell us a little bit about your journey.
I started admiring clothes at a very young age. Being raised by my grandmother, I took a quick interest in clothing. My grandmother had an eclectic choice of clothing and it gave her the ability to enter in to any room boldly. I began to crave owning a wide range of clothing I was so persistent with going shopping. Fast forward to my early twenty’s I starting cutting my clothes because I did not want to show up at the club dressed like someone else. I brought my first sewing machine in 2006 and the rest was upon understanding the true meaning of designing clothes for people to enjoy and feel great in.

What influenced you to create your collection? How would you describe it?
My grandmother played a huge part in My collection for Fall/winter 2016, for Baltimore Fashion week. It embodied the essence of Style, a soft feel with a mix of strong choices to show range in personal style. My favorite designer I must say is the Late Great Alexander McQueen, what more can I say he was Like an Artist painting a story thru his eyes and his eyes only and it was brilliant. Mr. Karl Lagerfeld is a key factor that help influence me that feminine clothing was Important.

What is your philosophy in designing? Do you think it will change as you continue to do shows? Or remain the same?
My philosophy to designing is, let my eyes guide me, do what feels right and not what is In for the Current trend I want to make art. My philosophy will remain let my eye sketch the art.

Your brand is called LoudBoi Styles. How did you come about to choose that name?
I choose Loudboi Styles to be the name of my brand because I was like many kids very shy, quiet, bullied lol and Now I’m the total opposite. Very outspoken, my opinions matter, and I command attention. So my expression is Loud, despite my shy side and I believe the image you portray speaks volume with speaking.

What does your brand focus on? Who is its target audience?
My brand focuses on taking classic and merging it with a fresh modern twist of cuts and texture. I like to feel fabric, it’s interesting how the design of a fabric can change the traditional skirt or dress into art. My audience target varies from younger generation to an older generation. Clothing changes with the blink of a eye depending who is wearing it. I would not box myself into only allow certain people or ages to enjoy the range in my brand. My focus is on making everyone feel and look their best.

What do you believe sets you apart from other designers?
I know I’m total opposite of any designer I know because everyone has their own story. What I see no one else can, I believe my approach at mixing fabrics and color are pretty concrete.

Your brand will be launching a website this fall where you will feature your clothes as well as your paintings. How did you come into painting? How does it affect your clothing design, if at all?
I began painting in 2015 but I have been drawing for quite some while. Painting is an outlet that I discovered I’m really good at. I would like to, use my paintings as another way to, allow people to feel connected to me even if my clothing may not be their main focus. Also painting allows me to have range, painting fabrics then have them printed to produce my own fabrics in the future.  

You are just starting out. Who are you eager to work with and/or dress?
I would love to dress Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Charlize Theron, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Kanye West, Pharell, Sarah Jessica Parker, Iman of course and countless other people. I want to dress the entire World.

Where do you want to be in five years?
In five years I will be, I say I will be because I believe I can achieve anything. Living in a quiet community, operating my own business focusing on My Loudboi brand. Dressing the people I always dreamed I could dress, traveling the world, and continuing to love creating my vision in to art that is respected and appreciated I want people to brand as much as I do.

Which designers are you watching this season?
I’ll watch old videos of Alexander McQueen, Chanel, John Galliano like the vintage vault fashion icon videos lol. I try not to focus to much on what’s going on but I’m in love with Balmain and its direction.

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