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A Santa Barbara, California native, Jennifer Fisher began her career as a wardrobe stylist working on feature films, television shows, and commercials in both New York and Los Angeles. After ten years of dressing and styling Hollywood, Jennifer met her now-husband and they settled in New York City, where Jennifer’s company is now based.

Upon the birth of the couple’s first child, Shane, Jennifer began to look for a piece of jewelry that not only spelled his name, but also expressed her own personal style. Unable to find anything unique, Jennifer designed a piece with Shane’s name stamped on the front that she styled with a long, thick link chain. When friends, family, and even strangers began to request that Jennifer design one for them, Jennifer Fisher Jewelry was born in 2005.

In 2011, Jennifer continued to expand her line with the launch of her brass collection. From large cuffs, statement chokers, and earrings to stackable rings, the brass collection has garnered a significant following, allowing her to offer her signature jewelry to a growing customer base at an increasingly accessible price point.

Jennifer Fisher jewelry has established a loyal fan base of top celebrities such as Naomi Watts, Sarah Jessica Parker, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Selena Gomez to name a few.

Jennifer became a member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) in June 2013. In May 2014, Jennifer opened her first store on lower 5th Avenue in New York City. Additionally, Jennifer was recognized for her accomplishments as a designer when she was a top ten finalist in the 2012 CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund competition and was nominated for the CFDA Swarovski Accessories award in 2014. Jennifer received the Influencer of the Year award at the 2016 20th Annual Accessories Council ACE Awards. Most recently, Jennifer joined the American Express Platinum Collective Board, serving as an advisor and giving exclusive insight to the new generation of Platinum card members.

Instagram: @jenniferfisherjewelry

What was the first piece of jewelry that you designed?
My first piece of jewelry was a dog tag – a simple gold dog tag – with my son, Shane’s full name, stamped on it, that I wore with a long thick heavy gold chain.

Where did the inspiration come from?
When I was 30 I was diagnosed with a desmoid tumor while I was living and styling in NYC for an LA based director. I received multiple rounds of chemotherapy at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles and at St. Vincent’s in New York.

When my husband Kevina and I wanted to have children, my oncologist didn’t think it was a good idea for me to carry a baby because the tumor grows from estrogen – so we went through the process of hiring a surrogate to carry for us in California. After multiple rounds of IVF where the surrogate was pregnant twice and miscarried twice, I came back to New York and decided to try IVF on my own, against my doctor’s orders. Unsuccessful yet again, they recommended that we adopt or get an egg donor. I needed a break from it all and took the summer off. That’s when I became pregnant with our son Shane, naturally. Against the wishes of my oncologist I carried the baby. A perfectly healthy pregnancy and baby boy later, I learned that her tumor had actually shrunk from the pregnancy.

After Shane was born, I began receiving jewelry gifts to represent him in the form of single letters that were very dainty. None of the gifts reflected my own personal style, so I decided to go out and make my own Shane’s birth was a major deal for us and I wanted something to wear that represented him in a way that felt like me. So, I went up to 47th street in New York and had my first dog tag made.

Did that piece mean the philosophy of your brand and why?
Definitely. I think people who choose to represent their children, or things they love in life, shouldn’t have to feel that they are confined to something they find in a case that everyone else has. You should be able to design that piece to fit your own personal sense of style. Whatever it is that you want and however you want to represent that – whether it is a circle, a dog tag, a heart, a star, colored enamel, diamonds, you should be able to pick that and choose. Not one person ever picks the same thing which is what makes our jewelry so special.

When I think about Jennifer Fisher jewelry… first think that comes to my mind is the Samira Gold Hoop…. who is Samira?
The Samira Hoop is after Samira Nasr, who is the Fashion Director of Elle Magazine. Samira is a long time supporter of my brand and when I made my first pair of gold earrings, she was one of my first customers who bought them. It was a simple seamless wire gold hoop that ran front to back that looked like there was no end – basically an eternity hoop. Since then, Samira has requested our hoops on most of her shoots. I had Sade on my mood board for over two years so when I finally decided to create the hollow signature hoop again in our version in a little bit larger size it only seemed fitting to name it after Samira.

Hoop earrings to me are classic, timeless and seasonless…  like a black turtleneck & a white t-shirt. It’s all about the size of the hoop.. and the width of it! How did you come up with that classic hoop …. that can make a girl and a woman rock the same hoop in their own time zone differently?
I had a picture of Sade on my board from years ago that I kept looking at. I also had pictures of Adwoa Aboah from her Italian Vogue cover when she was wearing multiple size skinny hoop earrings from all different vendors. I wanted to create something that was a merge between the two of those. The hoop should come in all shapes and sizes – it’s sort of like you said a white tshirt and jeans – no one is really going to pick the same one – we all have our own way of wearing it and our own styles – like a hoop earring is sort of the same thing.

What can make one girl want to all rock the same hoop earring and own their own differently?
Everyone wears a different size and everyone prefers a different width. The great thing about a hoop earring is that the style can evolve and change based on who is wearing it and how they are styling it. It’s a basic piece that can change an entire look.

What is the best business advice you received?
Don’t take no for an answer – and keep going – and if you talk to five different people, each person is going to tell you something different, so go with your gut.

What are the 3 jewelry pieces that every woman should own?
Jennifer Fisher Charm Necklace, Jennifer Fisher Samira Hoops, and Jennifer Fisher Burnish Cuff

Where do you find inspiration?
My inspiration comes from photography, architecture, women I see on the street, what I want to wear, I sort of look for what’s coming next season and I design based on what I want to wear – based off what’s coming in fashion.

What’s your daily visit style/accessory website?
Net-A- Porter, Matches and Farfetch

As a jewelry designer during Fashion week in NYC…
I don’t go to as many shows as I used to. I used to go and sit front row to support my friends. As a designer, I don’t think I need to be out and about as much. Especially, since we only show our collection in Paris now, we’re much more low key, we don’t really get caught up in the whole circus of NY Fashion Week. I used to think it was really important to be apart of NYFW, but now I’ve realized, with our brand, we are different. We are really focused on our direct to consumer model, therefore it’s more important to focus on my customers year round rather than a frenzied week when everyone is completely chaotic and not really paying attention to what’s going on because there are many things happening. I think it’s more important to stay even throughout the year.

How do you dress so your jewelry is the star?
I normally pick what jewelry I’m going to wear before I get dressed. Like I know that one night if I’m going to wear certain large earrings and I have an idea of what top I’m going to wear, it normally is focused around jeans. That’s pretty much what I wear everyday, day to night. I keep it simple and change my shoes.

What is your Fashion Week NYC ritual?
Hide. Just kidding! I only go to parties and things that I must go to, most important is to support my friends.

What’s is in your Fashion Week survival kit?
Oh, we’ll give you one! We’re making our own to give to editors. Must haves – band aids, breath spray, hand sanitizer, a snack, energy power and a nail file.

Fave NYC Fashion Week hangout?
My house – I mean, there’s normally parties that I’m at, so I don’t really get to hang out at one place because we are going to parties at night. I’m working during the day, and then I go to whatever event I need to stop by. Then it’s home to be with my kids and husband.

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