Style File: Aimee Song


How did you get into interior design?
I was working as a receptionist at a construction firm that focused on kitchen and bathroom remodeling right after high school. Because I was always researching on materials and on designs even though I was a receptionist not a designer, I became super knowledgeable and started accumulating my own clients. Soon after, my boss promoted me as a kitchen and bathroom designer and I did that for a couple of years and decided I should study interior architecture.

What is your advice on how to spruce up your home for spring?
Florals for spring is definitely not groundbreaking but I just love a good floral moment. Bringing in good floral arrangement, or switching up your bedding to something brighter are some easy ways to spruce up your home for spring.

How did you become a style blogger?
When I was going to school and studying interior architecture, I started an interior design blog. I started posting my personal outfit photos which got a better response so I transitioned into a style blogger.

Does interior design and fashion have things in common?
Of course! They intersect in so many ways and they can affect someones mood and behavior.

Did you always love fashion?
Always very into fashion, always enjoy dressing up.

What is your personal style?
My personal style is a mix and match of everything, I travel a lot so i get inspired by my travels. Overall is easy going, effortless and still chic.

What is one piece of clothing accessory etc you can’t live without?
Jewelry, I love to accessorize. Even when I’m wearing a basic tshirt and jeans, I like to give my outfit a personality by accessorizing.

Tell us about your t-shirts… how did it come about?
My sister and I have completely different styles, we own a lot of similar tees, we wanted line that our followers can both appreciate.

What is your personal style?
My personal style is a bit of mix and match of everything. I travel a lot so I always get inspired by the places I travel to or the people I come across. Overall though, my style is very effortless but put together with an easy going Californian vibe.

What is one piece of clothing accessory etc you can’t live without?
Jewelry. Even if I’m wearing a simple tee and pair of jeans, I think jewelry can change the whole outfit and make that outfit into something more personable and special.

How did you get into designing jewelry? what is your fave piece?
I have always loved jewelry and wanted to incorporate a piece of jewelry that represented me and what I did as an interior designer and fashion blogger so it’s a bit of a merge of both worlds. I’m a perfectionist so instead of coming out with a full line, I just came out with one style of bracelets with 4 different stones.

What are you coveting this spring?
I just got these beautiful Sophia Webster heels with wings on them. I think they make a fun statement!

What is your skin care regime?
I use La Mer and Skin Inc a lot. Hydrating a lot, and always washing my face completely before I go to bed. I also don’t smoke or drink so I think that helps my skin stay healthy.

What is your must beauty product?
I am completely obsessed with the Skin Inc serums which is customized just of my skin type and their Deep Sea Hydrating Mask. I also cannot live without La Mer’s Moisturizing Cream.

Pls choose 2 fabrics from IMAN Home Fabrics “Tales of the Trade Winds” and share us how would you use it?
I’m so obsessed with the beautiful teal colors in this IMAN Home Fabrics Magical Thread in Peacock. I think it would make such an amazing statement sofa or even on a statement chair. I’m also loving the bright punchy colors in this IMAN Home Fabrics Spice Island in Blossom fabric. It’d be such a great window treatment.

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