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The Peel Bar

Did you know that what makes you look older is not wrinkles, but enlarged pores, surface oils and dulling dead skin? The BeautyRx Peel gives you the younger and healthier looking skin you want. Dr Neal Schultz has a a thriving Park Avenue practice where he has performed over 50,000 peels. At Butterfly Studio you will get the professional-strength glycol peel which is the same 40 percent “lunchtime” formula offered in his office by experts trained by him. The BeautyRx Peel starts with a facial cleanse followed by the two minute peel and completed with a moisturizing sunscreen that delivers gorgeous, glowing skin while helping to treat acne breakouts, even skin tone, and minimizes the appearance of pores.

Butterfly Studio Salon
149 Fifth Avenue #2
For appointments: or call 212-253-2100

The Face Bar

At LING Spa the breakthrough procedure–the Express lift and Energy Wellness–is a custom cocktail mix of LING’s serum after they determine your skin type and its problems. They use their Energy Lift Machine with a far infrared ray energy by rubbing into the skin for 15 minutes on each side of the face. These rays of energy provide the body/face with healing energy through deep heat emission and was discovered by NASA in the 60’s. The warming part of the sun is far infrared ray energy, which is the same energy we have internally in our bodies, also known as “chi.” The heat creates stimulation which produces collagen, increases circulation and aids in detoxing the skin to clear up complexion hence a contoured and rejuvenated face.

The 30 minute LING Facebar Treatment at LING Spa
12 East 16th Street
For appointments: 212-989-8833

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