Joy Bryant: Basic Terrain


A Bronx, NY native, Joy dropped out of Yale to pursue a modeling career and never looked back. Modeling led to acting. Acting led to a husband, a pit bull and a clothing line, Basic Terrain. Her dream vacation would be to follow winter and snowboard all over the world.

What is the manifesto of Basic Terrain?
“We are living the dream and encourage others to do the same. Whatever the dream, whatever the terrain.”

I love the idea that your husband, Dave, sews! and he is a stuntman. How sexy! Can you share with us how did you meet?
Yes, he’s a 6 foot 5 handsome stuntman who loves to sew. Tomato pin cushion and 2 machines. Who knew? We met on a movie, introduced by his identical twin brother who is also a stuntman. Weird and cool.

Is Basic Terrain inspired by your outdoor/athletic love?
Yes. Basic Terrain is inspired our love of travel, adventure and laid back living.

How does traveling the world inspire you?
It reminds me of how beautiful this world is, with all its people, places and things. It reminds me that we are all connected.

The Eden pant is the center of Basic Terrain philosophy. Can you share with us its origin?
These are the pants that started it all. The Eden pant, named after Eden, Utah where we spend a lot of time, is our version of the classic Thai fisherman pant, a ‘one size fits many style with a simple tie strap. I bought a couple pairs while in Cambodia and when Dave started sewing, I gave him a pair to make and the rest is history. Ours is in a lightweight denim and comes in two sizes. You can dress them up, down, and all around. They¹re great for traveling, during/after pregnancy, yoga or some hardcore lounging. We launched with just these pants last June and are happy to have an actual collection ready for spring 2015.

What is your advice to someone who wants to see their passion turn into their business?
Do your homework, your research: Even though I modeled for a while and wore some nice clothes on the red carpet, I had no clue about the business of fashion, the business of the brand. Neither did my stuntman husband. We just knew what we liked and what we wanted to see. But we read, we asked, we listened, we learned. We¹re still learning. Take a deep breath: We took some time to think about the people, the companies we admired. They started somewhere. Everyone starts somewhere. And we can too. My grandmother used to say, “Nothing beats a failure but a try.” So try you must do. And then take the leap: No risk, no reward, right?

What is next for Basic Terrain?
In the near future of Fall/Winter 2015, we will launch the men’s line. In the not so distant future, Basic Terrain will become the lifestyle brand we imagined.

How do you stay fit? (it’s the new year and everyone wants to know anything that they can incorporate in their lives)
Thank god we have a dog that needs walking twice a day and that we live on a hill because I haven’t had the time to get my but kicked in a gym. I did just start taking Saturday morning Tai Chi classes which I love.

How do you stay centered and be true to YOU in Hollywood and be successful?
Therapy helps a lot as I’ve learned a lot about myself. I ‘m still learning… that’s how I can be true to me by knowing me better so I can be truthful to me. It also helps that I surround myself with people I love and trust.

You know I told you that both my husband and I were fans of Parenthood. What is next for you?
How could I forget that! I have an image of the two of you watching Parenthood in the world’s coolest pajamas, laughing, crying and just being plain awesome. As for what’s next for me, I will continue this journey of Basic Terrain, crossing my fingers along the way. I will finish my script and the other works-in-progress. I will finally go to Iceland. I will look back on the 6 years of being on Parenthood as one of the greatest experiences of my life.





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