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Jay Manuel is a fashion and beauty expert who began his career as a makeup artist, he has worked with some of the industries prolific creative visionaries and beauty icons. He has spent 20 years on both sides of the camera as fashion correspondent, series regular, host, judge, creative director and executive producer on some of the decade’s hottest television shows, including America’s Next Top Model and Fashion Police. Jay can be seen on the red carpet covering the glamorous world of celebrity fashion and beauty at the Emmys, the SAG Awards, the Grammys, the Golden Globes, and the Academy Awards.

We’ve know each other for almost 17 years and I have so many images that we did together… I have my fave which one is yours?
That’s almost impossible for me to choose because from the first cover shoot we did together, every shot is so memorable! If you’re going to twist my arm…. I’d have to say the image with your head all covered in feathers is an iconic moment I’ll never forget!

What is the philosophy behind Jay Manuel Beauty?
Beauty is deeply personal, but surprisingly public! These days everyone “filters” a photo before posting them to the world. I created “Filter Finish Collection” makeup to empower women so they can project their true self to the world filter free.

What was the idea behind the 3 looks…  Classic, Iconic and Avant Garde?
I’ve worked with so many women over my makeup career, including celebrities and musicians. In the end, they all instinctively put themselves in one of three categories; Classic, Iconic and Avant-Garde. I developed Jay Manuel Beauty with these 3 styles in mind, allowing women to find themselves within the entire collection and having a safe place to explore more about her style. I’ve done all the guess work for her, creating product and color stories for each style. Again, this about putting the power back in the hands of the consumer so she can stop crowd-sourcing her style (asking friends on social media for suggestions). She can self-source her style with confidence.

What is the technology behind the brand?
Two of the key ingredients behind the “Filter Finish Collection” technology is real diamond dust and micronized silk. Both of these ingredients help create a blurring/soft focus effect on the skin, deemphasizing enlarged pores and fine lines. Remember makeup is all about “smoke and mirrors”—it’s an illusion. Adding this technology to existing formulas with amazing pigments, coverage, packed antioxidants is a dream come true.

Love the idea of your beauty app… can you explain how it works?
No gimmicks here. In a nutshell, it’s like having a makeup pro in your pocket at all times. The Jay Manuel Beauty App is a sophisticated shade selector that picks the correct match for your unique color signature. No more guesswork.

I think the “holy grail” for women is to find a foundation that doesn’t mask but covers… please, share with us the technology behind your foundation?
Foundation is all about “smoke and mirrors”–it’s an illusion. The silicone (oil free) based hydrating formula has incredible coverage, packed antioxidants and has real diamond dust and micronized silk. Both of these ingredients help create a blurring/soft focus effect on the skin, deemphasizing enlarged pores and fine lines.

What is a spring beauty trend that women can incorporate this spring 2015?
Always add color…it’s spring!!! Change your lip shades for the new season and definitely try The Ultimate Lipgloss for added wow factor and maximum shine.

Love a healthy, dewy “nude face”… what are the perfect products to achieve the look?
I created a product called “Skin Face Lift” and it’s completely made up of crushed gemstones (Goldstone Opal, Ruby, Topaz). There is no pearl or shimmer in this product so it allows your skin to glow instead of bringing out fine lines and wrinkles like traditional glitter shimmer or heavy pearl does. Remember crushed mineralized gemstones refract light instead of reflecting light….making your skin glow with its own filter.

How did you come up with the “The Everything Mascara” (i wish i invented it!)
As a make up artist I’ve always known the secret behind lengthening and thickening lashes — it really has more to do with the brush. To create different looks on my clients I would keep different mascara brushes in my makeup kit. Most cosmetic companies want to sell you different versions of the same mascara with a different brush.  I wanted to give my customer the power of both lengthening and thickening lashes in one component that you can easily carry. A telescopic mascara wand will do the trick!

Can you share your involvement with “Operation Smile”?
I’ve been Smile Ambassador for Operation Smile seven years now and the one thing I know from working in the world of beauty & fashion…nothing is more beautiful than a smile. I created the perfect lip stain that works on any skin tone and it’s simply called “Smile”. 100% of every Jay Manuel Beauty “Smile” sold will go directly to Operation Smile and every 10 sold, saves one child’s life.


Models wearing The Operation Smile Ultimate Lip Stain

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