In Full Bloom

Sharontina Brightman
Who said floral prints were just designated for grandma’s favorite house dress, or those dated hotel curtains? Peonies, Chrysanthemums, and Daises alike have bloomed onto the runways just in time for spring, and like most seasonal trends, this classic spring staple has come back with more variety and verve than ever before. Whether you’re one who likes to go all out garden-chic, or you’re the little-flower-in-your-hair-type of girl, the season of the bloom has something for you.

Our obsession with donning artistically inspired floral arrangements on our gear is definitely in homage to spring’s beauty, but it’s also one of the ways we non-verbally say “I am woman, hear me ROAR politely make my presence known”, with a nod to its dainty, lady-like connotation in conversation with rivaling design patterns.

Spring collections presented their flower shows with unexpected motifs, incorporating a variety of contrasting fabrics to create elements of illusion and structure, a vast range of flower choices and design layouts, and hues that were subdued and muted, to vibrant and electric. Here is a representation of some of the best floral masterpieces from the spring 2014’s runways. Get ready to plant some seeds!

Dolce & Gabbana and Etro gave a burst of vibrant color at the base to set the tone, using floral contrasts of varying textures and shades to add depth, illusion, and emotion to the feminine silhouettes of the garments. Marni took a rustic approach, using heavy, deliberate lines to accomplish its acquired look. Dries Van Noten presented grunge, appealing to those who won’t rock this trend for dainty appeal.

Best In Accessories

Of course there are some of us who don’t want to fully participate in the flower power movement by wearing it as a major component of our ensemble, but would like to incorporate it in some way. There’s hope for you rebels, too! Here are 5 floral accessories that are easy and fun to incorporate into any look. They are like the Baby’s Breath to a bouquet.


Floral Snapback: For the girl with a little b-girl style. August Caps


The Shoe: A floral shoe like this will speak words no outfit can! Paul Andrew Floral Silk & Suede Wing Sandal


The Clutch: A great statement piece to add to any look. Ted Baker London Cubist Floral Clutch


The Bangle: Stacked, or worn alone, floral accented bangles are a great statement accessory to compliment a casual look. Kashmiri Floral Bangles

Embrace the season of flower power! Whether you decide to become a walking bouquet of beautifully styled daisies, or a lily accented rebel, embrace the trend and see how your personal style blossoms!

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