IMAN Cosmetics: “Sexy Matte” Lipsticks


Transition From Summer To Fall Fab With “Sexy Made” Lipsticks

It’s that (me of summer where thoughts of fall are in the air. There’s no rush for cooler weather, but it’s always best to be prepared. So think about your makeup the way you do your wardrobe; it’s all about the layering! Pair our matte lipsticks with lip liner and luxury lip gloss for various hues and tones that you will love.



Vice Lipstick/Passion Lip Pencil

Make it spicy with a vibrant red. Luxury Matte Lipstick in “Vice” and “Icon” lip Shimmer creates a universally flattering hue that will never steer you wrong no matter the season.



Indulge Lipstick/Cocoa Lip Pencil

Channel the Earthy vibe of fall, but keep it neutral for with “Indulge”, a pinky-­‐mauve matte underscored by a chocolate brown base.



Obsession Lipstick/ Chocolate Diamond Lipstick

A matte brown like “Obsession” makes a bold statement for the fashionista who is ready for a seasonal cool down. “Chocolate Diamond” lip pencil is perfect for making your lipsticks even deeper and rich.



Aphrodisiac Lipstick

“Aphrodisiac” is the reddish-­berry hue you want to have with you every season. It’s versatile from the office to happy hour, and lip pencil in “Passion” underscores the beauty of shade that works for everyone.


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