IMAN Cosmetics: Fall Fabulously Into Autumn


No matter the season, the IMAN woman is second to none. This fall, you’ll wear vamped up lips that go from pouty
to Goth. You’ll pick up eyeliner and turn into a graphic artist giving your eyes wings and drama. The glamour of
glitter is a must. Gold eye shadow is as normal to you as orange is to autumn. You’ll want your skin dewy and your
lashes feathery – the better to bat them effortlessly. Maybe you’re not into heavy metal but you know what to do
with metallics. Fall is beautiful but the IMAN woman is a stunner.



Rebel Lipstick / Opal Lipstick / Coppertone Lip Shimmer

Think power lips. Think rich and brown for chic Goth. From matte to gloss to Ombre lips—remember, your lips are the talk of the town no matter what you do. That’s why you give new meaning to “watch your mouth”.



Mystery Eyeshadow Pencil / Black Shimmer Pencil / Amplify Mascara

Bat those Twiggy lashes, glitter up the lids, or throw them some shade with blue. Pick an IMAN pencil or two or three to match your mood (you have two—good and great). Purr or Grrr with graphically designed eyes.



Contour Trio / Cream to Powder Foundation

Summer’s over but keep on glowing and going as the celebration of your skin tone continues. Enhance your beauty DNA with foundations and powders that are as comfortable on your skin as you are in your skin.

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