How to Pull Off: Crop Top Trend


While most people think your mid section should be covered up and saved only to be exposed on a secluded beach (or in the shower) –  I feel differently. People always assume that “showing a little skin” must refer to your legs or decolletage, but what about your stomach? No matter the age, if you have the abs, why not show them off? The key here is to be tasteful and minimal. Not everyone is in their 20′s running around at a summer music festival in cheap cut-off’s and a crop-top – instead, by showing just a hint of skin (because sometimes less, is more), while wearing a well balanced silhouette, you can be ‘forever young’ and carry this look into any decade.

It’s definitely daunting to some but it can also be a flattering look… the key is never ever to show your belly button!

We’re talking a sliver of skin that divides the top from the bottom…. think strategic flash of flesh.

A high waisted trouser already puts fabric up to your natural waist allowing for less exposure than a normal pant that closes closer to your hips. When paired with a cropped or sleek bralette top you get that slight peek-a-boo of skin that keeps you sophisticated, yet is still totally sexy and age appropriate. If you’re still on the fence try by layering a long sweater over the cropped top and if you think that I’ve lost my mind… try a cropped top with a sheer long shirt over it.

You can try this look also with skirts just make sure that if you’re going crop/short on top keep the skirt full and to modest proportions.

The best trick to make it look really elegant, modern and age appropriate is to wear it with matching color top and bottom.

Very chic… Ageless chic!


  • Beautiful on you, and all who have abs. I guess I could do some sit ups and get some cover up for my baby stretch marks! I do think it is important to let women know they can modify looks to fit their age. Nothing dates a woman more than dressing like a teen or too trendy. Look forward to your hints. I love “Advanced Style” (NYC blog, I bet you know it!) mostly because I have always loved a put together, classic look with a sense of ” I could give a shit.” Meaning: I am old enough to wear whatever the hell I want, including curtain tie-backs. I did that, but that was way back in high school. Interested in any vintage pieces you have…please post!

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