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DJ, Founder of HBFIT and Beauty Expert

Hannah Bronfman is the quintessential NYC city girl. As a graduate of Bard College, where she studied fine art, she has built a reputation as an influencer through her work as an Entrepreneur, DJ and Beauty Expert, along with her passion for health and wellness.

As a firm believer of the mantra, “your body is a temple,” she routinely shares her homemade recipes and workout regimens and can be seen concocting everything from her daily smoothie to raw granola to almond milk. Hannah also loves to switch up her workout and often documents videos of herself boxing, doing Pilates and even working out from home! She has turned this passion for wellness and food into a career by investing in NY fixtures such as Acme Restaurant and founding the brand HBFIT, a unique destination for all things Health, Beauty + Fitness.

Bronfman has served as a DJ for some of the greatest fashion/art events and corporate clients worldwide, including Banana Republic, Bvgalri, Chopard, Christian Louboutin, Dior, Ebay, Fendi, H&M, Moet-Chandon, Samsung, SONY and UNICEF has opened for stars like John Legend and has also curated music for fashion shows during Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week and her success has led to global recognition and has served as a guest blogger four outlets such as Yahoo!, Teen Vogue, ASOS, Elle Australia and Equinox.

Instagram: @hannahbronfman
Snapchat: @HannahBGood
Facebook: @Hannah-Bronfman-544943965566971
Twitter: @hannahbronfman
HBFIT website: hbfit.com

Hannah Bronfman…you are certainly an all around girl! Can you describe what was the pinnacle moment for you wanting to begin a brand and public lifestyle that focused in and around health, fitness, and beauty through HBFit.com? What lead up to this moment in your life?
There are a few things that led me to the career and lifestyle I have choose for myself. When I was in college my grandmother passed away from organ failure due to the fact her body couldn’t support her. This is because she suffered from Anorexia her whole life. My grandmother always wanted me to live a healthy and happy lifestyle, one that she wasn’t able to live herself. That was the point in my life when I wanted to explore myself and understand what I was passionate about and how to fulfill my purpose. After graduating college there was the birth of social media, which provided me a platform to showcase the healthy lifestyle that I had committed to. #HBFIT was a hashtag that I was using to showcase my lifestyle and it was something people related to. Then I decided that HBFIT.com could be a place that discussed all the things wellness had to offer without being limited by specific social media platforms.

From personal experience, I know that developing a business and a brand is never easy. How did you sustain mentally, physically, and emotionally? How do you do it now?
It definitely isn’t easy. I find balance in maintaining a healthy lifestyle no matter where I am in the world. I DJ and travel all over the world, when I travel I make a point to explore that city from a wellness perspective. Emotionally I find strength in my fiancé Brendan, my family and friends. I am very luck ​y​ that Brendan and I get to travel together sometimes and those times don’t feel like work. I’m still working on meditation but I also know I naturally have a lot of energy and ​that ​ I am able to channel it in different areas of my life.

When you started, were you alone in the process? Did you already have a team in place?
When I started my first start up Beautified, I was already ​together with Brendan​. Ava, who runs the day-to-day on ​ HBFIT came to me when she was a senior in college and she said I’d like to work for you. I had never had an assistant before so it was a learning experience. She is a very talented girl and ​went above and beyond the expectations of an assistant. When I launch HBFIT it was a ripe opportunity for her to explore her skill set. My management team came along the way and ​overall, ​we are now a well oiled machine. Having the right people around you is a major key.

How did you come up with the branding? What inspired you in creating its look, web layout, focuses, articles, etc…? Did you have help?
It was easy for us to figure out what we didn’t like. We had many examples of websites that we didn’t like and thats how we ​developed our direction. The logo and rebrand of HBFIT was something we had always imagined in the beginning. HB stands for my initials, but I always knew Healthy Beauty Fitness was the core of our ethos and if I needed to use my own brand to get eyes to the website ​ before we started pushing the message behind the brand.

Where do you want HBFit.com to go? Where do you see the brand 5 years from now? 10 years?
I would love for HBFIT to have a product line and even a physical presence whether it’s a wellness center, gym, juice bar etc. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t want to create some sort of innovation in the health world.

Where do you see the landscape of digital platforms going? How do you plan on tapping into it or staying ahead of the curve?
No matter what the new platform is, it’s about staying on brand and positive messaging. One reason my snapchat has taken off is because I’m authentic. It’s an inside look into all the things I talk about on Instagram but i ​t provides a BTS look​ .

In developing an app, developing a brand, and sustaining both, what has this process taught you that you were the most surprised by both professionally and personally?
How your company can consume you and how you can feel very attached. My father ​always said to me, don’t fall in love with your business. ​A​ t the time I thought, what is he talking about. I though an entrepreneur needed to be completely consumed but ​now I understand that statement really means ​to not ​fall in love with the idea. Being a business owner means you need to know when to pivot, when to address something and reevaluate when something isn’t working. It may not have been your initial vision and that’s okay.

I read an article that mentioned that your grandmother suffered with anorexia. In a world where girls, young and old, are bombarded by the “ideal body,” how do you not fall into body image traps?
I grew up as a ballerina and I saw first hand what body image issues do to developing girls and women alike. I am comfortable in my skin and proud of my body. I try to vocalize how important self-love is with out being preachy. I’m not into the idea that everyone should look the same. I’m into celebrating the individuals, unique beauty & strength.

What would you pass on to another female that suffers with body image issues?
It’s hard to move past it but once you commit yourself to self love and not judging yourself, it becomes easier.

Who has been your inspiration both personally and professionally?
My dad, has been by my side personally my entire life. His successes and failures have helped me navigate this wild world of business.

You DJ, developed an app called Beautified and launched it in 2013, developed and maintain HBFit.com…with these different focuses and passions, what is your main passion? What is your quest/purpose? Why?
My quest and purpose is mostly about being a positive role model to young girls and creating successful and impactful companies.

How do you start your day?
With a cup of matcha tea. I don’t make it the traditional ​way though. I like to blend my matcha with hot water, gelatin, coconut oil and MTC oil. To me its exactly what I want in the morning, a boost start to the day while adding protein (from the gelatin) ​right after I get up.

For breakfast, you have…
Coconut yogurt or chia seed pudding with berries,​ mint and raw honey.

For lunch, you have…
A big salad, maybe two soft boiled eggs with kimchi, avocado, radishes, edamame, nori and romaine lettuce.

For snack, you have…
Cucumbers with lemon and a pinch of salt

For dinner, you have…
Either a simply grilled piece of protein and steamed veggies or lately,​ I’ve been into stewing chicken with lots of spice and having it over cauliflower rice.

Your go to healthy dish is…
Zucchini noodles with home made pesto and sautéed cherry tomatoes topped with nutritional yeast.

What is your best advice for a day-to-day menu planning to keep a healthy lifestyle?
You don’t need to over think it, eating clean and simple foods are best and you can add flavor with spices. I usually plan a meal around the type of protein so I try to be mindful of the type of protein i’m having throughout the week as I​ like to switch it up. It always helps to pre​-​cut veggies too.

Your favorite smoothie is…
That’s so hard! I do love almond milk, almond butter, cinnamon, apple and a pinch of sea salt.

Your favorite workout is…? Why?
Pilates. I think it’s the best compliment to any training I’m doing whether it be boxing or dance classes. Pilates helps with my alignment and gets those hard to reach places like lower abs.

What is a health must have?

The next big fitness trend is…
Ohh that’s very hard question!

What is in your kitchen/fridge? What can you not live without?
Coconut yogurt, kimchi, lots of veggies, coconut Aminos

Your icons are…
You IMAN! You have been an icon to me and my family for a long time. I admire your brand and what you have created. I hope to make a fraction of the imprint you have.

Music…what are your 4 ultimate?
Work by Rihanna
Waiting On Me by Swizz Beatz
Never Be Like You by Flume feat. Kai

Your favorite active wear brand…

What is one thing that only your closest crew knows about you?
I have a head tattoo! I got it when I was 20!

What is your guilty social media pleasure?
I write back to all my direct snaps, I really try to engage with my peeps.

Who do you follow on social media the most and why?
Taline Gabriel, adidas women, HBFIT, the delicious, cap beauty daily…

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