Guest Editors: Stefani Greenfield & Desiree Gruber


Theodora & Callum is the collaboration between acclaimed fashion luminary Stefani Greenfield and entertainment producer Desiree Gruber. Although it is a highly personal collection but the freedom of expression it will impart on its wearers is to each their own. The dresses, tops, pants and caftans take any look from beach to street adding bold prints and vibrant colors. They take the challenge out of styling with these easy-to-wear versatile pieces.

1. What does Theodora & Callum stand for?
It is named after our children – my son, Callum and Stefani’s daughter, Theodora.  We wanted the brand to have that same feeling of adventure and discovery that our children enjoy every day. For them, every day is a new journey and discovery—and we are able to see the world through their eyes and find inspiration within them.

2. Your line is based on accessories especially scarves. Why scarves?
Scarves are seasonless and the perfect accessory for those days where you are uncertain about your wardrobe. No matter what your style is, a scarf can allow someone to showcase their unique style. Theodora & Callum allows women with all different tastes to express themselves through fashion.

3. What’s the inspiration for the collection?
Theodora & Callum was born out of a love for collecting beautiful things from all over the world so the places we travel to and dream about traveling to inspire us. We look to exotic destinations like Morocco, India, Africa and the Mediterranean for color palettes, architectural influences and art that will translate for our collections.

4. Who is your muse?
The Theodora & Callum woman is adventurous, strong-willed, glamorous, and of course loves to travel. She is inspired by unique things and extraordinary places.


Tuscany Dress

5. What is in the pipeline for the brand?
Theodora & Callum has grown organically over the last three years and we hope to continue that. We have expanded our collection to include caftans, scarf tops, dresses and pants – all made from our scarves. We are excited to share that we are launching a new brand called T+C Theodora & Callum that will allow us to reach a broader audience. The collection will include scarves, caftans, hats, and jewelry. It will be available in December 2014.

6. Do you have both the same aesthetics or different?
We have completely different styles which is what makes this brand a perfect partnership. It demonstrates how scarves are a staple for your wardrobe.

DG: I tend to dress in more modern and classic silhouettes and accessorize with one of our scarves to add color and print to my wardrobe. It really helps make a statement!

SG: I have a more eclectic and bohemian sense of style and love to layer great pieces together. For me, accessories are a very important part of getting dressed everyday!

7. How do you guys work/design together? What is your process?
Desiree and I celebrate our differences and marvel at our similarities. I drive the creative side of Theodora & Callum – design and merchandising and Desiree crafts our story – brilliantly communicating in the media and with our consumer. We are “soul sisters” with a harmony that just “works” and has proven to be extremely successful.

8. What is in your traveling bag? Any packing tips. What you can’t leave home without?
Pack in looks to save space and time. Build your looks around your favorite staples that can transition, with great accessories, from day to night easily.

9. How are you spending your summer holiday?
SG: M&M—Mykonos and Malibu!!

DG: I will be spending some time out in the Hamptons with family and friends and we will also head to the South of France.

10. Where is your fave travel destination and why?
SG: Greece is definitely on the top of my list. I am inspired daily by the colors of the Aegean Sea and the bon-vivant mentality of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

DG: Paris is one of my favorite places –I am always amazed by the beauty all around. I find inspiration at the Musée d’Orsay and seeing my favorite impressionist works of art.

11. Fave hotel?
SG: Belvedere Hotel in Mykonos and the Isle de France in St. Barths

DG: Hotel Du Cap Eden Roc. It has staggering views of the Mediterranean.

12. What is your beach must have in beauty?
SG: By Terry Baume De Rose Lip Gloss w/SPF 15 and Coppertone for Faces SPF 50

DG: Dr. Colbert UV Defense sunscreen and EOS flavored lip balms—I have them in every purse!

13. What is your must summer 2014 read?
SG: Hillary Clinton’s “Hard Choices”, all the Maya Angelou stories and poems I want to read again (and again) and Theodora’s 2nd Grade Summer Reading list of 25 books!

DG: Allison Pataki’s, “The Traitor’s Wife”.

14. Fave cocktail?
SG: Grey Goose freezing cold on ice with 4 lemon wedges squeezed in!

DG: Champagne


Poolside Paradise


Animal Print Scarves


Majestic Mosais

15. Summer play list?
SG: A myriad of Motown, Southern Rock, Billboard 100 and Cafe Del Mar

DG: Right now I have “Strong” by London Grammar currently on repeat. Love!

16. I know we have in common love of global/boho chic.. Which IMAN Home Bed Collection speaks to your travel destination? Morocco, Ibiza or Hollywood?
They are all so beautiful but if we had to choose it would probably be Ibiza for the summer. The bright whites and beautiful shades of blue scream ocean, sun and sand!


IMAN Home Ibiza Collection

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