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Whitney Tingle and Danielle DuBoise founded Sakara Life in 2011 (NYC) with the aim of providing a healthy and convenient organic meal delivery solution for people wanting to take control of their health and look and feel their absolute best. When Whitney worked on Wall Street and Danielle juggled a busy school schedule, the pair found it extremely difficult to find convenient and nutritionally balanced food offerings in New York. The long-time childhood friends then combined their passions and skills to create Sakara Life – a plant-based, gluten free, super food diet – the only diet that’s not a “diet.” Sakara aims to eliminate any frustration for those wanting to eat healthy, offering food that serves as medicine for both the body and soul.

How did you two meet?
(W) We met in 7th grade in Sedona, AZ. I was the new kid in school and Danielle was sitting in front of me in math class. She leaned back to introduce herself and the rest is history!
(D) We like to say we’ve been creating Sakara since that day. Growing up in Sedona taught us almost everything we know about the mind, body, food connection. I think our math teacher had a nose, ring, right Whit? She was so cool!

What does Sakara mean?
(W) Sakara is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘with form’. In other words, bringing all of those hopes and dreams into form. Giving them a physical manifestation.
(D) Ya! And that’s exactly what Sakara is for us; an all encompassing manifestation of our dreams and overall mission to help as many people as possible feel amazing in their bodies. It’s also what we provide for our clients: the opportunity to not only create the body of their dreams, but to use that energy to create the careers, relationships, etc. of their dreams.

DIM_GE-0114-sakara-sanskritSanskrit word Sakara

On your website it says “We’re not vegetarians, vegans, raw foodies or extremists is any way. We believe in simplicity: local foods, whole ingredients and loving hands.” what does “loving hands” mean?
(W) It means that the food being prepared has been thought through, discussed, curated and put to the test to ensure that the quality, taste and appearance is the best on the planet.
(D) And that it was made by hands – not machines – that are mindful, conscious, and, loving while making the food. Our chefs know that they’re creating food that’s going to change people’s lives, so they put that love and attention into every meal.

I’m a foodie and I love to cook so I was intrigued by your Super Food Pantry, can you explain in detail what this is? And what is one thing that you swear by from your pantry list?
(W) Our pantry pack is full of some of our favorite superfoods. It’s a starter kit so it’s a great way to jumpstart your journey to ultimate wellness. It includes Spirulina, Black Chia Seeds, Goji Berries, Hemp Hearts, Raw Cacao Nibs, Coconut Flakes, Himalayan Salt, Ashwagandha, Amla, Palo Santo (a smoking stick for clearing energies), a serving spoon, a recipe booklet, and a Sakara shopping tote. I swear by hemp seeds! They’re full of healthy fats that help keep my skin looking dewy. Plus they’re SO easy to use- you can put them in anything because they have such a nice, mildly nutty flavor.
(D) I love our pantry kit because it’s the perfect gift for everyone in my family. We can’t deliver our core meal program nation wide just yet, so this kit is a beautiful way to help everyone live the Sakara Life and experience the healing properties of a superfood diet. I love spirulina- it’s so important to get your greens and I never feel like I can too much of a good thing. Bonus: this kit includes one of my fav recipes that incorporates spiraling!

DIM_GE-0114-sakara-cacoanibsCocoa Nibs

One thing I know for sure is women stop snacking as part of their new year resolution that always fails miserably! Can you share with us a good way not to deprive ourselves so we don’t sabotage ourselves?
(W) We like to say that your goal should always be to feel like your best self. It helps realign your efforts. Trying not to snack or not eat that one thing just creates lack, obsession, and becomes the elephant in the room. We believe in balance at Sakara. We talk about all the things you can bring into your diet and focus much less on the things you can’t enjoy. Where’s the fun in that?
(D) If snacking makes you feel good, than snack! But snack on things like these amazingly delicious quinoa protein muffins – yum!

What is your indulgence? (food or snack wise)
(W) Croissants, cookies and warm bubble baths
(D) Terra chips, my mom’s apple pie and a good bottle of red

Love DIY because it means you must want the change! How did you come up with the 3-Day DIY Detox Guide… and how does it work?
(W) We wrote down every recipe and every little tip and trick that helped us feel amazing in three days. We’re our own guinea pigs.
(D) The 3 Day DIY works by helping you incorporate all of our pillars of nutrition: Hydrating foods: eating your water is the secret behind youthful skin. Water helps flush out toxins, while hydrating fruits and vegetables help hydrate the cells and leave our insides, as well as our skin and hair, clean and glowing.

Greens: Want to know what’s better than drinking a green juice everyday? Eating your greens! The key is to eat a minimum of 1-3 cups of greens with every Lunch & Dinner meal. This doesn’t mean you’re only eating salads (though if you’re new to eating greens, it may feel like it!) Instead, you’re eating your meal AND greens.

Good fats: WE LOVE FAT! In fact, naturally healthy fats are a Sakara power ingredient that we use in all of our recipes. They are key to keeping you energized, lean and radiant.

Eat the Rainbow: We believe that food should be bright, vibrant, and beautiful! The greater the color, the higher the nutrient content. The more colors you eat, the more array of nutrients you’re getting (hello plant protein).


DIM_GE-0114-sakara-terraTerra Chips

Plant protein: At Sakara Life we get our protein intake from whole foods that are plant- based. Yes, that’s possible! Did you know that 50 percent of calories in green vegetables are actually derived from protein? And that four cups of kale packs in 12 grams of protein? Yep.

Nutrient density: Essential nutrients are those that we need that our body cannot make. At Sakara Life, we strive to eat foods high in these essential nutrients to give our body the fuel it needs to function at its best.

Sulfur-rich Vegetables: Sulfur is one of the most abundant minerals in the body. Foods rich in sulfur (like kale, brussel sprouts, cauliflower and cabbage) help the body fight off bacteria, toxins and helps maintain the skin’s elasticity. Mmmm veggies!

No Calorie Counting: A calorie is a unit used to measure energy, not nutrition. Calories are NOT created equal and are not a metric used for how fresh or healthy your food is. Rather than focusing on calories, we want to help you focus on how your clothes fit and how you feel! Isn’t that exciting? It’s an opportunity to listen to your body.

New Year/Fresh Start…. what are your suggestions in terms of meals, workouts and self cleansing to start the year right?
(D)We’re all about making time and space to create the best version of ourselves. It takes effort! And not just around diet, but also around mentalities and the voices in our heads that may be holding us back. Our suggestions always revolve around eating the cleanest food you can find, sending yourself as much love as you possibly can, taking time to visualize your desires, doing a workout that you love and finding time to be grateful for your body, exactly the way it is right now.
(W) Which is exactly why we created the Create Your Best Body Challenge that will be launching on January 12th, 2015! It includes 4 weeks of Sakara, 4 Soul Cycle Classes, tips and trick to keep you spirit on track and bunch of other goodies like all natural skincare. I can’t wait to share it with everyone and I can’t wait to participate in it myself! It’s going to be an incredible year.

Do you have new year resolutions?
(W) Each and every year my goal is to let my light shine as much as possible.
(D) I love that one too! And to stay true to our mission and help everyone we can start to feel like the best version of themselves. Food should make you feel sexy! I think people forget that and think of it as the enemy. Our goal is to change that.

What is next for Sakara Life in 2015 and beyond?
Lots of things! Expanding to new delivery locations, new products, a magazine launch, hiring new team members, spending more time with our Sakara community, cookbooks and whole lot more! Stay tuned.

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