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The Victor Glemaud collection debuted in 2006 and since then has reached new customer bases while garnering press accolades, from WWD and Vogue to the New York Times and Senken Shimbun. The launch was marked with a digital and guerilla marketing campaign, featuring images of models Riley Montana and Michael Lockley on Instagram @glemaud and on posters across downtown New York City. The collection is available exclusively at the Line in New York and Los Angeles and at In August 2008, Glemaud launched limited edition women’s cardigans at Henri Bendel — they sold out within weeks.

Glemaud was born in Haiti and moved to the U.S. at age 3. While studying at FIT, he began his career in fashion as a design assistant to Patrick Robinson. Glemaud joined KCD in 2000, working as a publicist in New York and Paris for brands including Versace, Marc Jacobs and Helmut Lang.

In 2005, Glemaud was ready to return to design, coinciding with his mentor Patrick Robinson taking over as Paco Rabanne’s artistic director. Glemaud was named Womenswear Design Advisor at Rabanne, responsible for design concept development, global trend research and overall brand and store imaging. He then went to Tommy Hilfiger as Style Director. Glemaud is a trusted advisor in the retail and entertainment communities, having collaborated with Disney, Quiksilver, Earnest Sewn, H + M and Mackintosh over the years. He currently lives in New York City.

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Why sweaters?
I’ve worn sweaters forever and always, year round!   

You started with “7 sweaters”… reminds me of Donna Karan’s 7 easy pieces…. Tell me about those first 7 sweaters.
I’m thrilled YOU see a connection to Donna, who I absolutely adore. Her Urban Zen spaces are such a relaxing environment and offers some of the most incredible gifts made in Haiti, which is where I am originally from! Now back to the collection…. I showed on the terrace of my former Rue Saint-Honoré apartment in Paris, where I was living at the time. The size of the collection was truly only due to time and budget limitations and we thought “7 Days of Victor” had a charming ring to it. I made it in less than 5 weeks between Paris, London and NYC. I still love that collection – it was made purely from a place of joy and creativity, without fear or financial concerns.  It still remains a source of inspiration for me.

When I think of how you dress… there is always a sweater… is there a story behind your fave sweater?  
My father always liked my siblings and I dressed.  Growing up, I felt that sweaters always made my classic outfits a little more playful. Maybe that’s why I cut up my father’s sweaters for that first collection!?

Where do you find inspiration?
Everywhere! Museums, galleries, books, magazines (design, photography, etc), and of course, the streets of NYC! I archive all my little notes, bad sketches, photographs in my phone and computer, for each upcoming collection, which I loosely discuss with product development and merchandising. I like to edit all these varied references and inspirations into a tight collection.  

What does a sweater mean to you in a fashionable closet? 
Versatility. If you are able to wear it to the office, on the weekend, and dress it up, I feel I have done my job.  

To me a sweater is a finishing accessory… what is a sweater to you? 
No different than your favorites jean- it’s a workhorse, once you discover your favorite knitwear it’s all you want to wear…Hopefully by me!

Fashion is experimenting with see now/buy now…. A sweater is for all seasons is that how you wanted to conquer fashion?
Precisely, my sweaters are made to be worn in Malibu, Manhattan, Mumbai or Madrid.  To conquer fashion, you need to be known for something, which for me is what I like designing and hope that means people enjoy wearing it too.  

I remember having coffee with you at Saint Ambrose telling me the beginnings of this business and now you’re selling at Net-a-porter!!! How did that come about?
You were one of the very first and few people I told; you are always so honest and respectful of what I share with you. The partnership came about with Net-A-Porter through social media! They direct messaged me on Instagram, I saw it and we began the conversation. The team responded well to both the designs and imagery, without knowing much else about me. This sent a strong message to me and affirmed my feeling about the way people shop today, if the product is good. Net-a-porter was the goal from the start — remember? For it to have come to fruition so organically, is amazing and I am looking forward to building a long-lasting partnership with them.  

What designer/ sweater wise you love beside yours? 
Paul Stuart, Raf Simons and Hermes. 

Your fave summer NYC restaurant?
I love Bar Pitti – great food, great location and even better people watching as they walk to up and down Sixth Avenue. Kiki’s on Division Street in the Lower East Side, is another one of my favorites for the yummiest Greek food in New York City!

Necessary Indulgences?
Facials, only by Mamie McDonald (Skin by Mamie) and my fabulous trainer Roody Dallemand.

What is next? 
Besides taking you to lunch, there is A LOT happening professionally and personally. Which I’m very excited for. A collaboration, new collections & campaigns and a secret project. While at home, I cannot wait to begin decorating my new apartment.

Summer 2017 your getaway destination and why?
This summer I am traveling to Hawaii for a much needed long August break.  We wanted a faraway beach and I cannot wait! Its been such a fantastic year, I really want to put the phone away for as much time as possible on this holiday to recharge.

Packing essential?  
The 3 P’s: Patagonia, Prada and Paskho by Patrick Robinson!

I like to read, cook and enjoy the environment I am in at that moment, whether it’s a big city or small town.  Getting to know a place, even if you never leave the property is the best.

Your muse?
My friends and family.

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