Guest Editor: Trish Wescoat Pound of Haute Hippie


Haute Hippie was launched in 2008 by Trish Wescoat Pound by embracing the nomadic lifestyle through which she found traveling with her daughter. Inspired by a myriad of cultures, genres and people, Trish sought to reshape the feminine bohemian ethos into a collection of cool, luxurious clothes for the “Robo” – rock ‘n’ roll bohemian woman. Haute Hippie woman is a citizen of the world, sexy and comfortable in her own skin.

1. We have the love of travel in common. Where is your favorite destination and why?
The resort Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes on the French Riviera, where my husband Jesse and I got engaged

I also love Bodrum, Turkey and Deia, Spain

2. Who is your tribe? The Haute Hippie woman?
Our tribe is the essence of a global nomad—well traveled, free spirited, and unconventional. The Haute Hippie woman is sexy yet sophisticated while still authentic. She is confident in her clothes and comfortable in her own skin, traveling the world and dancing to the beat of her own drum.

3. Who is/are the ideal woman/women of Haute Hippie?
The ideal woman of Haute Hippie is the one you want to sit next to at a dinner party. She is interesting and eclectic with an incurable case of wanderlust. Kate Moss is the ultimate Haute Hippie muse.

4. You’ve worked with diverse brands before you started Haute Hippie, what did you find was missing in the market place?
The need for a young designer’s market, a white space between contemporary and designer. We design for our customers and their lifestyle rather than trends.

5. What is “Robo” chic?
Because rock and roll influences everything around us—fashion, art, film, design—it has become a lifestyle. We want to share this inspiring lifestyle with our customers. It adds edge and sexiness to our bohemian Haute Hippie outlook.

6. Why do you think Haute Hippie has resonated with women from NY to LA?
There is definitely some old Hollywood glamour mixed with our ‘robo’ chic mantra that epitomizes the LA style—easily taking looks from day to night. But if you look at the collection as a whole, nobody is doing what we’re doing. There’s still a hint of style in addition to the bohemian, laidback look. NY is all about layering. We also design into pieces that can be worn multiple ways—sweaters as scarves, blouses over dresses, leather jackets over long cardigans.

7. What are your 3 favorite pieces from Haute Hippie Fall 2014?
The ‘Persephone’ gown, ostrich feather skirt, and beaded crapin to throw over everything

8.  What are you coveting this Fall 2014 from another designer—fashion? Accessory?
A necklace from Clarissa Bronfman
A Maiyet python bag
2 pairs of Alaia shoes, can’t just choose one
Earrings from Christina Oritz

9. Where do you find inspiration when you’re designing?
Truly, as many have said inspiration is everywhere and in all things. It is the act of tuning in and opening up where one truly finds inspiration. Letting oneself vibrate at a different frequency that is not based on intellect but rather emotion. I am especially inspired on the road. My lens is different, I am not seeing the same things I do every day. I am more focused, more open, I am free. At times in the office, I am interrupted and have to attend to the day in and day outs of running a business and it becomes challenging to go from one side of my brain to the other. Our inspiration comes to us throughout the design process. Where we start is not always where we end, true with life and with the creative process. Often, it comes from dreams I have or a trip, and then they become one and the same. Recently we took a trip to Savannah, Georgia and New Orleans, Louisiana. ‘The Coven’ and ‘Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil’ are major influences in our Spring 2015 collection. I see beauty in both dark and light places, it’s ethereal beauty that I am constantly searching for. I do not see things for what they are but only for what they could be.

10. Is your home decor an extension of your design aesthetics? Where is your go to online decor inspiration/purchase?
We are currently renovating our home. It has been an interesting exercise of combining my aesthetic, which is very Haute Hippie and Jesse, my husband’s taste. He has great taste. And it has been interesting watching it all unfold. It is very eclectic. All of our stores have been furnished from my home: cowhides, oriental rugs (ABC has the best), embellished longhorns, pony chairs, velvet couches, vintage chandeliers (Marche’ aux Puces de-Saint Ouen a Flea Market in Paris is a great place to find gorgeous ones, amongst other things). I collect nudes, which come from my travels. There are so many great websites for design inspiration:, … I also love your IMAN Home Bed Collection in Morocco.

11. Where do you live? What are some your favorite neighborhood haunts?
I live in the West Village. Some of my favorite spots are Saint Ambroeus, Café Minerva, and Joseph Leonard.

12. What is next for Haute Hippie?
Gowns and accessories. A gown collection at a better price point is something we are designing into. All beading is done by hand and we design our own prints. Accessories are also pertinent to a brand. From intricate neckpieces to exotic clutches and handbags—this new season has amazing carry all totes.

13. Music—ultimate Haute Hippie playlist. Must have on the playlist?
Tough question, I love so many different genres of music. A few selects from rock, country, blues would include: Changes by David Bowie (favorite—we named an embellished jacket in honor of him!), Take Another Little Piece of My Heart by Janis Joplin, The Wind Cries Mary by Jimi Hendrix, American Girl by Tom Petty, The Times Are A Changin’ by Bob Dylan, A Boy Named Sue by Johnny Cash, Picture by Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock, Sunday Kinda Love by Etta James

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