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Meet the makeup artist responsible for Beyonce’s “visual album” and her lineup of dramatic transformations and glowing, supernaturally perfect skin. On tour with Beyoncé, Sir John, who may find himself in a different city every day, is free to experiment. “For shows, she lets me wing it, and we just go with it.” Here he shares with us some tips for what is trending in beauty Spring 2014

DI: What products do you swear by in giving for the sleep deprived skin ?
Visine and Caudalie Beauty Elixir help me address signs of fatigue rather quickly, without relying on makeup. When I do opt for a tinted moisturizer or foundation I mix in a few drops of Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonder Glow Illuminator, resulting in a luminescent property in the overall look and feel of the complexion.

DI: I’m loving the “metallic lids” that I saw you use on Beyonce on her tour how do we get that glam look and what is the best lip color to go with it?
You can introduce metallic eyes in a myriad of ways. Whether it be embracing a shimmering jewel toned smokey silhouette Or for more minimal attention try just adding a copper, silver, or bronze to the inner corners of your eyes (tear ducts). By using either technique your playing with the idea of reflecting light from your face. Which is always quite charming to gaze upon.

Pro Tip: to complete the look when using smokier silhouettes , I often mute lips. By choosing colors that lend much needed volume to the pout without distracting from the eyes. i.e., warm taupes, & pinkish nudes

DI: Spring 2014 – Color eyeshadow’s are having a big moment … is it a do or damn!
There’s a time and a place for color. We are moving into warmer weather, so it makes sense to usher in the spring with vivid washes of color on the eyes. Treat colorful eyes as jewelry. Know what to take off so one is never overdone or over styled, which can look garish. Opt for one possibly two shades with a neat application and your right on trend. Once again do a smoky eye (which lends a feline sensibility to your eye shape) in an emerald or violet etc., these mesmeric shades are a quite modern play on using color.

DI: What is the best way to wear the colorful pout that is in season?
Colorful pouts are more of a trend than tradition. It’s a way of “Glamoflaging.” Even women with minimalist outlooks on beauty can embrace a colorful lipstick with open arms. What makes the colorful lip movement modern and anchored in the present, seems to be choosing the right texture along with shade. For example glowing luminous skin calls for a matte textured pout. If your ideal skin texture has a powdered or matte appearance, opt for a creamy hydrating texture. It’s all about CONTRAST as you can see. Contrasting textures creates visual interest, making you appear as the consummate pro artist.

Pro Tip: Go big or go home. When shopping for color look for rich, dense, opaque, washes of color which have more pigment.

Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow
DI: You’re touring with Beyonce …. tell me how did you react when you got the call?
I was quite shocked to say the least!! I thought I was being pranked or something to that effect. I’m a HUUGe lover of Beyonce. I met Mrs. Carter when she walked for Tom Ford’s spring collection in 2011. Then I kept going on with my life, fast forward to this previous May when I got the call to come into her offices. I was made an offer no man (or MUA) could refuse! Walked out and just stared into space frozen, for what had to be 15 min’s. Then called my Agent, & Mom.

DI: Beyonce’s videos in “Visual Album” are spectacular and work of art and the makeup is beyond… where do you get inspirations when you’re doing so many videos?
Beyonce herself is my muse. Her passion for growth, not only as an artist, but as a human being, really pushed me to greater heights as well. We also were shooting all over the world while touring. So being in places as varied as Rio De Janeiro, to New Zealand. One can’t help but be inspired by the people and their street style.

DI: How do you unwind while touring around the world?
HA!! I’d have to say I take in a lot of museums & local shops. Then head back to my hotel for a glass of Montepulciano & FaceTime with my loved ones.

IMAN Cosmetics: Lipstick in Flirtatious

DI: You have a blog on Vogue …. how did this come about?
I love to write. I wanted somehow to express my point of view on beauty. I talked it over with a really great friend/ client Liya Kebede. Who’s not only a model, but a model human as well. She’s a mom, designer, philanthropist & overall Renaissance woman. She secretly talked about my ideas and “growing popularity” with Franca Sozzani (Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Italia since 1988). Her beauty team asked me to submit a few pitches on what I felt could be useful for their readers. I wanted to speak to every girl! It was important to me as I grow in this business, because I think we sometimes marginalize into one demographic. The idea was to introduce tips that would be useful to all women, not just one sector.

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