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Nili’s collections blend her Israeli heritage and New York sensibility – her signature army jackets, bohemian peasant blouses and airy beach dresses are reminiscent of her native Tel Aviv while her iconic silk cami dresses, luxurious knits and refined suiting evoke the urban minimalism of Tribeca, where Nili resides and is home to her design studio. Since its launch in 2003, Nili Lotan has been synonymous with sophisticated, timeless wardrobe staples. Her expertly crafted pieces have earned the brand universal success among modern women, fashion editors, celebrities and retailers who are seeking quality essentials that will take them from day to night, casual to formal.

The majority of Nili’s collection is produced in NYC, her flagship boutiques in Tribeca and East Hampton present an assortment of lifestyle offerings, which are curated by Nili and include handmade home goods, vintage books and records, original art and accessories that inspire her. The brand is also sold at high-end specialty retailers across the U.S., Europe and Asia including Barneys’ designer floor, where the collection is one of their best-selling luxury brands.

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What is the philosophy behind your brand?
My belief is that that fashion is the expression of self. It starts with expressing myself, my needs, my wants when I design. Creating my collections is creating my wardrobe. It continues with women who take these pieces and make them their own.

Where do you find inspiration?
I’m influenced from what’s happening around me culturally, politically and on the street and capturing these moments in my collections.

Which is your fave piece in your new collection?
The Garbo and the Sedella faux fur coats. Faux furs have so elegantly evolved and feel so luxurious to me that I’ve been compelled to include them in my collections and style them with a casual pant.

How did the cami dress become the iconic piece in your collection?
It just happened organically. I created a dress that could serve a woman from morning to night. Paired sneakers for walking around the city with sneakers, or on a beach somewhere to putting on a heel and walking a red carpet. Women are responding to that ease.

Give us your concept behind your Denim Collection?
I came out with my Denim Collection 10 years after starting the brand. During these 10 years, I felt that I accomplished what I envisioned for the modern woman’s’ ultimate wardrobe. Yet, there was one thing missing- the denim. What inspired the Denim collection was translating the essential casual pants that I’ve developed over the years into Denim.

Where is the collection available?
The collection is available on and my 3 retail locations as well as leading boutiques and online retailers around the world such as Net-a-Porter, Barneys NYC, Hirshleifers, Elyse Walker, Max Colorado, Fenwick London to name a few.

What is the concept behind 87 Mercer?
As the business is shifting from retail to online I came up with the idea to create a physical space for my online store. The physical store mirrors the online experience with constant change of content curation and monthly exclusive Items.

87 Mercer is an experience of the brand- new content and product that are coming and uploading every month- physically and online. The offline becomes as editorial as the online and every month we are flipping through the themes in the store. Each story carries with it limited-edition, exclusive styles.

What is NL Hope?
NL Hope is about stepping into my current state of mind. For the past year, I have been feeling constant concern. I felt that my heart had been invaded by such violence, uncivil rhetoric, that it had shaken the essence of my soul. All I could think of was Hope. I confided with my friend the Israeli poet, Yonatan Geffen, how to define the word hope. He referred me to Emily Dickinson’s poem ‘’Hope’ is the Thing with Feathers’ and that poem ended up inspiring our first story at 87 Mercer.

Tell us about the Men’s Capsule Collection?
It’s a one time capsule collection in collaboration with Inez and Vinoodh. I translated Vinoodh’s favorite pieces of my Women’s collection to a 12 piece Mens collection. It would be available on, 87 Mercer St. and Barneys.

What is next for the brand?
Spring ’18 😉

What is the best career advice you have received?
Trust your own intuition. I always follow mine.

What’s your daily visit style website?
Instagram. I get a lot of inspiration from what my friends and the fashion community are posting.

What is your guilty pleasure
Escaping to Tel Aviv and turning my phone off!

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