Guest Editor: Inez & Vinoodh

The photography team of Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin has a seemingly endless capacity to explore new visual territories. Van Lamsweerde and Matadin are operating in both the art world and the fashion world simultaneously, deciding on the ideal venue for their works to appear based on it’s content. The works from either territory feed off of each other for inspiration and thus blur the boundaries between fashion and art. Their new photography book “Pretty Much Everything” by Tachen, new perfume and jewelry line sold in Barneys and Net-a-Porter, and their collaboration with Frame will definitely make them a lifestyle brand.

1. Photography, jewelry design, fragrance and now frame jeans… What is the secret of your mutitasking genius?
We are constantly around designers and stylists who inspire us in so many ways, and we learn a vocabulary of style from them. On shoots we see what is missing (fashion based subtle and timeless fine jewelry) and in life we look at our closets and see what is missing there (a classic perfect fit jeans that stays around forever). We constantly have ideas for things around us and being two of us makes it easier to work on so many different things at once.

2. Where do you live and does it reflect in your work?
We live in Soho in a loft that resembles a mix of a swedish sauna and a japanese teahouse. The objects and furniture are from all ages and cultures and form a warm, delicate and eccentric environment full of inspiration. This love for a mix of cultures and delicate but bold gestures reflects in our work.

3. What are your fave sources of inspiration?
Music and film are our biggest sources of inspiration.

4. Your photos of Lady GaGa are my faves of her hands down… How did you meet?
We met when we photographed her for V Magazine in Las Vegas and have since had a very strong creative connection and understanding.

5. You have a way of making even a fashion shot look like a portrait… What is the secret?
A true interest in people. It’s always about the person, and the clothes amplify the character.

6. Tell me what is the inspiration for the jewelry… And what is you fave piece?
The jewelry started with a necklace Vinoodh designed for me for our son Charles’ tenth birthday. It has our wedding rings interlocked and a small star pendant as it’s base. From that one necklace all collections flow naturally with the interlocking rings being interpreted in many different ways through color and materials. Inez favorite piece is the yellow gold wide band and diamond pave ring. Vinoodh’s favorite piece is the black leather necklace with two oxidized interlocking rings and sapphire drop.

7. I love frame jeans… How did your design involvement with them came about?
We are friends with Erik and Jens who started it with the idea of basic effortless classics in a world saturated with fashion driven jeans. One dinner we talked about how we could not find the perfect jeans and if we did a brand would discontinue them after a year or so. That’s when they asked us to each design our one perfect fitting jeans which now will be in their collection in different washes and colors forever.

8. In one word describe your fragrance?

9. What designer takes up the most in your closet space?
Inez: Isabel Marant
Vinoodh: Saint Laurent

10. Accessories you’re wearing right now?
Our own rings and necklaces. On Inez, a Cartier Tankissimo watch, on Vinoodh, Golden Goose sneakers.

11. What bag do you use most?
Inez: Saint Laurent Emmanuelle bag
Vinoodh: Globetrotter

12. What pieces from fall 2014 are you coveting now?
Inez: Isabel Marant, Long Army Wool Coat
Vinoodh: the beautiful cashmeres from Zegna and the Suede London Ankle boots from Saint Laurent

13. Travel is a big part of your life… What is your dream destination?
Always Bali or India. We feel completely at home there.

14. What is your packing essentials?
Tracie Martyn face and body sculpting cream, A Life Worth Breathing by Max Storm, D’porthault toiletteries bag

15. What does home mean to you?
Queitude and family time

16. What do you like to do when you’re not working?
See movies, yoga, have dinner parties at home

17. Necessary indulgence?
First class flights 

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  • Thrilled t read this fab piece &what you
    Reveal about this elegant hardworking duo:
    Inez&Vinoodh !!

    Plus.. alwaze Loved seeing you
    incognito in my
    ‘Kitchenclub&Chibi’s Bar’ for lunch…
    U sublieme inspiration !!
    Marja & Bibi

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