Eyeliner: Party Lines


The Tool: Black Liquid Liner

The steps:

1. Look down and relax lids. Crinkled lids make for a crooked line.

2. Steady your hand by placing the inside of your wrist just above the side of your jaw. Create a slight winged arc at the outside corner of your eye.

3. With short, feathery strokes, extend the line to the inner corner. If you have deep-set or Asian eyes, keep them closed for a couple of seconds until the liner is dry — this will prevent it from smudging on your upper lids.


The Tool: Black Pencil

Want to look more polished? Follow these tips:

1. Start with a sharp, slightly warm eye pencil (if it’s too hard, run it back and forth along  your hand a couple of times.) The warmer the pencil, the smoother the application.

2. Draw the line from the outer to inner corner, decreasing in thickness as you go. Keep it as close to the base of your lashes as possible — you never want skin to show between your lashes and liner.

3. Don’t have a steady hand? Instead of drawing in a continuous line, create a series of dots along the lash line, then blend the line with a smudger.

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