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Erica Reid is the head of a health conscious lifestyle brand and conscious living movement geared at simple everyday ways to improve and nurture your life for yourself and your loved ones. She is mother to Arianna and Addison, and her commitment to health and dedication to mothering led her to write her first book The Thriving Child—a much needed nourishment guide for parents and those with day to day involvement with children. Her versatility and global brand speaks to women of all backgrounds who are inspired towards a sustainable and vibrant life. Erica’s roots go back to Colorado, where she was one of three daughters raised by a single mom. She worked three jobs to put herself through college and fed her gypsy spirit by learning how to survive on her own in Atlanta, Paris, California, and Greece before finally settling in New York where she lives with her husband and two children.

Website: ericareidcooks.com
Instagram: @ericahreid
Twitter: @ericahreid

This is your second book … what is the difference between the two?
My first book, The Thriving Child, integrated modern mechanisms distinctive to children living in today’s society. It allocated specifically to raising children, and children facing dietary and environmental constraints. Shut Up and Cook! is an engaging cookbook derived for families or individuals who seek more healthy alternatives when entering the kitchen.

Every kitchen should have…
A blender. I think it is so important in any kitchen. It’s multi-functional purpose allows you to make many options such as soups, purees, juices, smoothies, dips, milks, baby food, and the list goes on. You can really get creative using one.

Earliest food memory…
Being a little girl and licking the attachment’s after my grandmother, Nana, made her delicious homemade ice cream and smelling the most scrumptious aroma of her famous Bar B Q ribs and her home made BarBQ sauce.

The one dish you never get tired of…
The Rice-Free Cauliflower Sushi Rolls in Shut Up and Cook!

Favorite restaurant in NYC…
I love ABC Kitchen. There is something for everyone.

Fave food Insta or blog and why?
There are so many great food Insta out there and many lovely people doing great things and blogs.

Fave summer drink…
Cooling Watermelon Drink in Shut Up and Cook!

Hostess gift…
I love making homemade treats to share like the Decadent Chocolate Truffles or the Chocolate Chip Cookies with Crispy Kale both in Shut Up and Cook! Also, one can never go wrong with bringing fresh flowers or a soft fragrant soy candle.

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