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Carlos Mota

Congratulations on your book “A Touch of Style”… it’s a marvel! Do you have a particular fave assignment shot from it?
Thanks darling, I am mad about my book. All assignments are great and exciting but of course my favorites one are the ones where I travel to exotic places like Morocco or Latin places like Brazil, Costa Rica and Colombia.. after all I am Latin, and it is great to go back to places that remind me of home.

When did your love affair with flowers start? What is your fave flower?
Actually I started very young. My mother always bought flowers for our house, and also I lived in Venezuela so I was surrounded by the beautiful vegetation of my country. I love all flowers but my absolute favorites ones are orchids, peonies, and English garden roses. I also adore inexpensive flowers like carnations.

Would you say your early work in the theater set the stage for what you’re doing now?
For sure, working on sets for the theatre was a great school, because everything needs to be perfect on stage. All the furniture sets need to tell the story of the play. In editorial, it is the same, all the furniture need to look great trough the camera and by adding small touches like flowers, pillows, books, etc., you can tell the story of that person or project by making it more colorful and fun or more restrained and simple.

Why do you think flowers are the main tie that connect cultures?
“Flowers are like music.” You’ll find them in every country and in every culture. They define every style of that particular country or person, or a particular celebration. I can’t imagine no one liking flowers at home. I think it’s wonderful to have flowers at home, even if you can only afford one single stem.

What is your advice for an average person to decorate with “A touch of Style” with flowers?
You don’t need to spend a fortune in flowers. A simple single stem or even 3 roses or peonies in a vase could change a room. If you have a garden, just go outside, cut a branch and bring it inside… your room not only will change immediately, but will put a smile on your face. Check my other book for great tips on flowers “Flowers Chic & Cheap” publish by Clarkson Potters.

We have the love of color in common… is there one color that is your ultimate fave?

We do, darling, it’s part of our rich culture. We love colors and patterns. I tend to be attracted to very strong colors like purple, magenta, green (chartreuse is the color of my book) lavender, turquoise, orange etc. My motto is “beige is not a color.”


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