Damone Roberts: The Brow Master

The brow is the single most important, underestimated feature on the face. The right brow can take 10 years or even 10 lbs off ones face. The one product that every man and woman should have is The Damone Roberts Clear Brow Gel. By simply brushing the hair upward, you can open up the windows to the soul.

Considered one of the top beauty artist in the business, Damone’s talent for painting faces and sculpting the perfect arch has graced some of the world’s most beautiful and famous people including Madonna, Beyonce, Gwyneth Paltrow, Megan Fox, Vanessa Williams, Mandy Moore, Alicia Keys and Robert Downey Jr. Here is more advice from Damone on the perfect brow.

How does one find the right shape?

  • The right shape for an a brow tends to depend on your personal facial structure!
  • If one has a round face, you want to add a higher arch to add length.
  • A square face requires a softer arch, which in turn softens the facial features.
  • A long face works best with a straighter brow, to shorten the face.
  • A oval face sits between the other facial features & looks best with a full, defined arch.

You have plucked too much… how do you fix it?
This is the #1 complaint I have heard from women through the years. I personally went into the lab with a scientist and created my top selling Brow Gain! It is a topical solution with the perfect combination of Amino Acids & Vitamin B, applied liberally nightly to expedite the growth process. I have had women receive new growth literally after years of nothing.

In the interim, it is always best to cheat it with the perfect brow products. My Brow Shadows come in a variety of natural shades and are coarser than regular eye shadow to give the illusion of real brow hair.

To bleach or not to bleach?
I don’t have a problem with women bleaching their brow hair, the problem is when they bleach too much, so that you can’t see them (they are there for a reason), or if they don’t maintain the color. The general rule is one to two shades lighter if your hair is really dark, and one to two shade deeper if your hair is really light. The Tinted Brow Gel was created to give the illusion of changing ones brow color, without the upkeep.

What is your take on eyebrow stencils?
My artist at my NY & LA Salons are trained to shape the brows according to the clients features. I don’t believe in brow stencils, as the concept of everyone wearing the same basic shapes has no reality. We are all different shapes, sizes and ages.

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