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Founder and designer of Most Wanted Design jewelry, Carlos Souza, is not only the most charming and fun loving man that I know but he is also very talented. He serves as Worldwide Brand Ambassador for Valentino, loving father, a spiritual seeker and definitely with unique sense of joy, warmth and style.

1. “Most Wanted Design” your jewelry line … how did you come up with the name?
On the turning of the millennium I was invited to spend the New Year’s Eve on the Caribbean with my family. For our hosts , Valentino & Giancarlo Giammetti, I made a medallion for each with a beautiful medieval cross – one in rubies and the other in sapphires with the initial of all of my kids and mine in the back. There was a big group of guests in the boat that liked so much my creation and many friends who were present asked me to make them the same pieces. This started a kind of a “club” that later developed into a business and I have lots of fun creating it as I have been always attracted to metals and colorful stones.

2. You’ve been with Valentino for a long time and could have done fashion easily. Why jewelry?
Working with Valentino and watching his creative verve during many years I guess I wanted to forge my own path and jewelry is a kind of declination of the world I lived in for so long.

3. What I love about your jewelry is that it has a sense of Modern Boho Chic but also Unisex appeal to it. My husband and I can rock some of these pieces and look different on both of us. Was this intentional?
I’m always attracted to the unisex feel of jewelry and it was a natural evolution that came little by little with personal orders. My fountain of inspiration comes from my extensive travels in North Africa, the Far East, exotic Indonesia, India, China and Japan. Many pieces have an ethnic/exotic appeal and I breathe all my adventures in its designs. I always say my jewelry works better with a kind of bohemian chic babe and a open shirted Latin lover! It has that kind of embellishment with a boho nonchalance more than than just big precious stones. I’m obsessed with the colors of gold, silver, bronze and I always combine it with colorful precious stones as rubies, emeralds and sapphires. I also adore brown and black diamonds.

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4. Which are your fave pieces and why?
My “HORSE BATTLE” is my Charlemagne cross pendant , (the same one offered in that year 2000 New Year’s Eve!). I had it done it in different metals and as variations such as pendants, rings, bracelets and cuff links. I might say my favorite in that family is the 24 carat gold medal with white diamonds. Another favorite of mine is the Rudrakshas beads (sacred seeds from India) they are mixed with pearls and diamonds and are very exotic.

5. What are your summer plans?
I’m definitely swinging by the Amalfi Coast that I consider a piece of Paradise on Earth. The perfume of geraniums and citrus in the air are pretty unique , and let’s not forget the fabulous Mediterranean cuisine with their special products from that Volcanic earth. (give me tomatoes , mozzarella and basil anytime) I also plan a bit of market research in Istanbul, one of my favorite is the Gran Bazaar and some time in Dubrovnik and Lisbon in both occasions for weddings.

6. I hear there is a book in the works … can u tell us what is it about?
#Carlos’s Places… It is a “Feel good” book of all the places I love and have traveled to, full of positive energy, it reflects my personality and I share all my fave restaurants, museums and small gems which are specific to each place.

7. We’re both into season changing when it comes to our home decor. How would you advise someone to incorporate IMAN Home Bed & Bath Collection into their bedroom decor?
Looking at your wonderful collections of IMAN Home Bed & Bath Collection I am naturally drawn towards your Morrocan collection especially for winter as the colors give energy and will uplift my mood. I also have a passion for blue and white for summer – unbeatable classic charm always so good on summer months.

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