Can women of a certain age wear leather?

Ageless Chic

Of course! Try an A – line leather skirt that plays up a sexy waist, or a leather pencil skirt that calls out hourglass curves and I guarantee you will be bonafide head-turner…. Oh, you will be wrong for all the right reasons in a simple sumptuous leather sheath of a dress. But I’m a pants girl and I am the proud owner of an exquisite pair of leather ankle-skimming Balenciaga pants and without question, what makes a cigarette ankle pant such a cut above is that it provides a shameless amount of opportunities to showcase a rockin’ shoe, and it can be any shoe of any height from modernized oxfords to demure kitten heels to ankle booties.

My motto is that you don’t have to be strapped to a Harley to channel your inner badass, and the night time isn’t the only time to work this look. Give it a whirl!

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