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Natasha Betts told me that “15 years ago a friend introduced me to an at home body scrub she used from time to time. It was simple, Epsom salt and baby oil. I think about that now and I smile because of how little I understood and how I think about these things now. That experience opened my eyes to the possibilities of DIY skincare. Who would have known that all these years later I’d be the owner of Shia Skin Care an All Natural Beauty Brand and tackling far more than scrubs.

In the years since I’ve studied and practiced Aromatherapy in 2014 I became a Certified Aromatherapist. Dedicating the last 4 years to developing a natural beauty brand that speaks to the needs and challenges of us all. I believe multi-functional and quality skincare can be 100% natural and still be effective. I want everyone to see that natural skin is healthy skin, healthy skin is beautiful skin and makeup or no makeup you can always…… Be comfortable in your skin.

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The Holistic approach to skin care is a big trend can you explain what does it mean?

When people speak of holistic skincare they’re usually referring simply to natural or organic products, this is trendy because people are becoming informed of the dangers of chemical laden products. I’m happy to see this because it’s a misconception that natural ingredients alone aren’t as effective as the chemical based ones. This means that there’s a new generation of people who will be looking for natural products for their skincare needs.
When I think of holistic skincare I think of it in it’s purest form or as a methodology if you will, taking care of the whole self. Our inner health reflects our outer health and what we put on our skin equally matters.  I only use 100% all natural ingredients for this reason. I want my skincare routine to be complementary to my lifestyle not in contrast to it. Our skin is the largest organ and just as we take care of our overall health with exercise and better diets we should use similar practices in taking care of our skin. As people are starting to take care of themselves using natural remedies in everyday ways, I’m hopeful that people will soon draw the connection with the use of natural skincare products to healthy looking skin.
When did you start your company and what was the inspiration behind it?
The company officially launched December 2017, however the journey started years before that.  In 2003 I moved to Los Angeles from Missouri, which was such a different climate, it really affected my skin. At the time someone suggested to that I look into chemical free products as a solution. It was the first time I made the connection that some skincare products weren’t actually caring for my skin. It was my incessant curiosity of needing to know the “why” behind things that led me to creating products for myself. The more I learned the more my creativity went into overdrive ultimately landing on what is now the Shia Milk Mask collection.
What is the benefit of Clay in your ingredient story?
In so many ways clay is beneficial for the skin there’s a reason Cleopatra used it in her skincare routine. Naturally rich in minerals that are essential to your skin’s health. The pore minimizing benefits alone makes it a staple in skincare products. However using clay masks can be a messy and time consuming process.
Shia Milk Masks are the first masks delivered to you in a bar! It combines the healing benefits of clay while gently exfoliating your skin, in an easy to use application. I create blends of clay that cater to a specific skincare need. For example The Daily Kiss Mask is your skin’s daily dose of nourishment and moisture that enhances the look and texture of your skin. To achieve that I used a blend of Rhassoul clay, which is a smooth cleansing clay rich in minerals making it far more effective; White Kaolin Clay great for sensitive skin and helps stimulate circulation while gently exfoliating; and Pink Kaolin Clay, a blend of Red and White Kaolin. This combination absorbs toxins and clogged oil from the skin while also combating dryness. There’s the expectation that clay masks are drying and only to be used once in awhile, but not all clay is created equal!
Share with us how does the Shia Milk Mask Attack’ne work?

The Shia Attack’ne Milk Mask is a like that silent assassin in your beauty arsenal.  As with all of the Milk Masks I use my layering  technique in the formula.  Utilizing ingredients that were specific to not just fighting the acne, but also what causes it. Clogged pores, oily skin, build up of bacteria, etc. By combining  French Green Clay which has enormous absorbent powers, it literally drinks oils, toxic substances, and impurities from the skin, blending it with pure White Kaolin clay keeps the mask from over drying the skin. Adding Aloe for its antibacterial properties and Comfrey Root which is a natural source of Allantoin which not only heals but stimulates the growth of heathy tissue.  Combining essential oils such as Lemongrass to reduce the severity and discomfort of pimples already growing along with Vetiver to help remove bacteria that gets trapped in pores and reducing the appearance of dark spots attacks acne from all stages. This combination draws out acne right out without leaving a scar, It’s amazing!!! This is a great mask to have on hand to prevent breakouts or as a spot treatment for that occasional blemish.
I’ve had people tell me that as soon as they see the tinniest pimple they go right to the Attack’ne Mask! I love that! Every mask is made with a specific goal in mind so when I hear that’s the result people are getting it makes me happy.
Spring/Summer is around the corner what is the ultimate product for getting glow in our skin?

The Shia Oils! It’s my line of oils that start with an oil infusion which enhances the effectiveness. The Anti-Aging Serum leaves your skin feeling supple and looking dewy.  I’ve even heard of people using it in place of a bronzer! If Anti-Aging isn’t your thing, the Moisturizing Serum uses Calendula which is great for maintaining that glow after those long hot days in the sun. The body oils are specifically designed for in shower use.  This saves you the extra step of having to moisturize afterwards. They also absorb easily into the skin so that you won’t be sweating it off as the temperature heats up.
What is one Product from your brand that I can’t live without?

I’m really proud of the Infused Face Wipes. They truly embody what my line is about, convenient and effective skincare. Being able to remove the sweat and soothe my skin right after my workout is a game changer. Now I can finish off my errands with a fresh face.
What are your Best sellers?

The Hibiscus Infused Wipes have been one of my favorite discoveries. Hibiscus is so great for boosting collagen, is skin firming, and evens out your skin tone, which is why  I love incorporating it into my products.  While developing these, as I do with all my products, I was testing them on myself. About a month later I was having lunch with a friend and she wanted to know why my skin was glowing and what I was using. That day was a busy one so I was running late and was only wearing a little blush so I knew I had something special.
There are so many products out there that enhance your skin’s texture and look as long as you keep putting it on, but it goes back to your original question, if you take care of your skin using a holistic approach your skin will always look better than when you started. Using natural ingredients on your skin is your skin’s nourishment which means it doesn’t adjust or revert back,  that’s what these wipes do and that’s what all Shia Skin Care products do.
Where do you find your inspiration?

My friends and family.  My niece has started experimenting with beauty products and I want her to see a natural alternative. I’m so fortunate to have a great group of friends who are highly motivated and go getters.  They’re also my harshest critics, which I appreciate because it drives me to be better. They also understand the benefits of what you put on and in your body.  They’ve all naturally converted to using my products, not out of support, but because when they hear about the ingredients and their benefits they’re eager to try them because it’s exactly what they are looking for.  The results are pretty immediate, even their significant others have noticed the difference and now they’re ordering too!

You live in Brooklyn…..Where are your favorite hang outs?

I’m a sucker for a well crafted cocktail so I’m mostly at this super cute and totally chill cocktail bar, Hanson Dry, in Clinton Hill, in all fairness I work there while creating Shia so I am a little biased. I’m lucky to live in Brooklyn were there’s no shortage of great restaurants and I’ve never had a bad meal a Ruccola in Boerum Hill and Prospect Park is my all time favorite escape!
What’s next for the brand?

I’m in the final stages of the Infused Lavender Face Wipes which was made specifically to pair with the Skin Quench Milk Mask. I’m also developing two new Milk Masks to round out the Shia Milk Mask Collection.  And looking forward to applying the Shia Principles to creating an all Natural cosmetic line.

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