Beauty Chronicles: Glam Glow


IT ALL BEGAN WITH A QUESTION, “Is there a product that can make your skin camera-ready in minutes?” Shannon and Glenn Dellimore knew it didn’t exist, and made it their mission to create one. In no time, their innovation made it into the hands of makeup professionals, skincare experts, and studio executives, quickly becoming a behind the scenes essential in Hollywood’s Entertainment, Music, Fashion and Awards industries. After only 1 year backstage, retailers called and GLAMGLOW® began to hit stores. Shannon and Glenn took their exciting new ideas, disruptive attitude and passion for innovation to the world, creating beauty products that deliver on their promise of an INSTANT SEXY HOLLYWOOD GLOW.

Tell us about the Glam Glow Mud story.
GLAMGLOW® started by accident when Shannon and I were gathered for a dinner party in the Hollywood Hills. That night an actor friend confided he could not find a product to make his skin camera ready in minutes, a product that could instantly refine pores, diminish visible imperfections, reduce fine lines and produce a noticeable glow that lasted for days. This became a topic of conversation and the verdict among fellow actors was unanimous. There was not a convenient, easy-to-use skincare product designed for instant camera-ready skin. Armed with our imaginations and no background in skincare we set out to create a unique treatment for our friends.

How did you know which ingredients and technologies to use? How did you come about knowing them?
We knew we wanted our products to work and work instantly. Extensive research led us to the world’s finest active ingredients and we created a revolutionary formula that exceeded all expectations. In our research we learned that skincare products contain fillers and those fillers are derived from mud. The problem is, fillers often clog pores and cause skin problems so we decided to deliver active ingredients with pure mud instead and not the mud used in traditional masks on the market, we use French Sea Clay which comes straight from the Mediterranean Sea and gets its nutrients from millions of years of marine life. We also noticed that some of the world’s best skincare products have green tea extracts. Not having been in the skincare industry we wondered why they used extract instead of the real leaf? Why go through all the hassle of distilling it when you lose lot of really potent ingredients in the process? We decided to do it differently. We used the real tea leaves instead and it was so effective that we now steep leaves into all of our products.

Did you know how effective they would be for skin?
Yes. Large skin care brands have to adhere to certain price caps when formulating products and they don’t have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing active ingredients. GLAMGLOW is disruptive because we pay no attention to price when choosing our ingredients. We want the products to work and we want consumers to see instant results that target a range of different skin concerns. We only create products that are going to be disruptive and provide immediate long term results.

Out of all the ingredients and technologies you use, which one is your favorite? Why?
Our patented TEAOXI technology is my favorite because when we created it we revolutionized skincare and is found in all GLAMGLOW products. TEAOXI uses real tea leaves to steep active ingredients directly into the mud for powerful, immediate results.

For a new customer, what should he/she start with?
If you are new to GLAMGLOW we always recommend you start with our core masks; YOUTHMUD for anti-aging and exfoliating, SUPERMUD for detoxifying and shrinking pores and THIRSTYMUD to lock in hydration.

With spring around the corner, what are the best spring, skin care ready Glam Glow product(s) you would suggest using to get rid of the dull, winter skin everyone acquires?
For dull winter skin we recommend using YOUTHMUD for exfoliation, SUPERMUD to shrink pores and even out complexion, FLASHMUD for brightening and evening out skin tone and THIRSTYMUD to lock in hydration.

On Destination IMAN, I have Ageless Chic. Which Glam Glow product(s) should the mature, Ageless Chic woman start with and maintain in her skin care regiment?
The mature woman should always have YOUTHMUD in her skin care regime because it has powerful anti-aging and exfoliating properties which give skin a noticeable three-day glow. Real pieces of Green Tea Leaf deliver the antioxidant EGCG and super moisturizing Squalene directly into the skin to hydrate and balance oil production and increase oxygen flow so skin comes alive. Volcanic Rock provides surface exfoliation that leaves skin smoother and softer and revitalizes dull, dry skin and GLAMGLOW’s French Sea Clay detoxifies and awakens the skin by drawing out impurities without removing natural oils. It helps tone, tighten and lift the skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines for a more youthful complexion. We also recommend our FLASHMUD Brightening Treatment which uses Ellagic Acid an exciting ingredient that brightens skin without the side effects of hydroquinone. It also helps protect skin from oxidative stress induced by UV rays, has anti-inflammatory properties and inhibits collagen breakdown so it improves skin’s elasticity and diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles as well as the look of hyperpigmentation. Skin appears instantly radiant and luminous. We also recommend THIRSTYMUD which is an ultra-hydrating treatment that delivers the most powerful blend of hyaluronic, citric and linoleic acids to the skin from real pieces of olive leaf and our new GRAVITYMUD Firming Treatment which turns from white to a brilliant chrome and is designed with triple lifting action to leave skin feeling instantly firmer and more lifted delivering toned, sexy contours.

What should the Ageless Chic woman’s skin care regiment be?
She should always use a gentle cleanser like GLAMGLOW’s POWERCLEANSE the world’s first mud & oil to foam daily dual cleanser which provides a unique double elimination of makeup, dirt, oil and impurities while delivering essential fatty acids, minerals and saponins to the skin, an anti-aging mud treatment such as YOUTHMUD, a BRIGHTENING treatment such as FLASHMUD and add extra hydration with GLAMGLOW’s THIRSTYMUD.

If you could only give one product to my Ageless Chic woman, which would you give?
YOUTHMUD, GLAMGLOW’s original mask which has powerful anti-aging and exfoliating properties to give skin a noticeable 3-day glow. Real pieces of Green Tea Leaf deliver Antioxidants and Squalene into the skin to hydrate and balance oil production and increase oxygen flow and Volcanic Rock provides surface exfoliation that leaves skin smoother and softer and revitalizes dull, dry skin. YOUTHMUD helps tone, tighten and lift the skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

What is your recipe for the best skin care regiment for every season for a woman?
We are huge believers in multi-masking. In fact, we did this at GLAMGLOW long before multi-masking became a trend. It’s the perfect way to target specific skin concerns for maximum results even as the seasons change. Shannon likes to use YOUTHMUD all over her face for instant brightening then SUPERMUD on her T-Zone to detox pores and shrink them as the perfect pre-makeup treatment, FLASHMUD on her cheeks to even out skin tone and THIRSTYMUD all over to lock in hydration. She also uses GRAVITYMUD on her neck and décolleté.

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