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Patricia Cameron, owner of Beauty and the Brow is affectionately referred to as the Brow Doctor and has over 8 years experience in the beauty industry. She began her career as a certified makeup and eyebrow specialist with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and then Anastasia of Beverly Hills. Graduate of Christine Valmy School of Esthetics and certified 3D Embroidery/ Microblading specialist, Patricia’s attention to detail, keen eye and artistry has made her a highly sought after celebrity brow specialist.

Patricia Cameron
NYC Brow Artist 
222 E. 34th Street, Studio 20
New York, NY 10016
Instagram @beautybypatcameron

You have are an MUA and a sought-after eyebrow specialist. How did you get started?
I actually transitioned from Corporate America into the beauty industry over 8 years ago. It was a quite a leap of faith but I sought to pursue my passion. In my career as a MUA and licensed esthetician, I thoroughly enjoyed how brows could transform a person’s look without a full face of makeup. I have had the pleasure of working for some of the best brow brands such as Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and Anastasia of Beverly Hills.

Microblading has been making a big splash in the cosmetic and fashion industries for its vast appeal in making brows look authentic. What is microblading exactly? Is it just a tattoo? Or is it more than that?
Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo that creates hairstrokes to mimic real hairs. It can correct gaps, covers scars and address symmetry. The results look unbelievably natural unlike the brow tattoos from decades past. Results can last up to two years. Women and men are now able to have the brows of their dreams.

Of all features, why are brows such a prominent feature women are willing to have a semi-permanent make-up procedure done?
At the end of the day when a woman’s makeup is washed off, her brows(good or bad) are the one beauty feature that’s left. Brows frame and balance the face and can communicate youth. Women struggle with their brows on a daily basis. They are trying to discover their ideal shape, best products to use, as well as finding a trusted brow artist. Now with the introduction of Microblading/semi-permanent makeup, they can save time and money while enjoying the look of perfect natural looking brows.

Are women more willing to have microblading done now than in previous years?
Definitely. So many have seen the old colored-in brow tattoos of the past and desperately wanted another alternative. Some have tried every growth product on the market but to no avail. Microblading gives women the freedom to achieve the shape they always wanted without it looking like unnatural.

Can you take us through the process? Is there any preparation needed on the part of the client?
During the Microblading procedure I begin by talking to my client about their desired brow design. I use a brow pencil to map the shape and use a number of measuring tools to achieve a balanced look. Following that, I prepare my client for numbing, after which a single-use microblade is used to draw hairstrokes one-by-one into the brows. Following the session, clients are asked to follow aftercare instructions for 10 days. Prior to their appointment I recommend clients to avoid alcohol and caffeine intake for 24 hours.

What does it feel like?
I numb clients with liquid lidocaine before and during the procedure. It may feel like a pinch at times but I seek to make my clients comfortable throughout the session.

What are the different methods of microblading and how does each one differ?
Microblading is a unique technique that uses a microblade to implant ink into the surface of the brow. It can be done in a hairstroke or a powder method. The hairstroke technique mimics natural hairs while the powder technique gives a more diffused wash of color like when using brow makeup. The style used all depends on the client and their desired look.

How do you structure a brow when brow trends are ever changing?
I prefer to choose a timeless design that is best suited for my client’s features as opposed to beauty trends. The beauty of microblading is that it is a semi-permanent technique, so women are not stuck to a design unlike a traditional tattoo.

Where does an artist get trained on microblading?
There are a number of reputable permanent makeup schools but it is important to find a school/trainer that really assists in teaching brow design and sanitation as well as learning the actual microblading technique. Starting Spring 2017 I will be offering hands on training for beginners as well as online seminars for beauty professionals. For more information please contact me at

What do you think is the next brow trend?
Fuller brows are all the rave after the thinner trends of the 90s and 00s. The microblading technique is so revolutionary that this beauty treatment is one to beat and will be around for a long time.

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