Beauty Chronicles: Body & Soul


East Coast vs West Coast


Aire Ancient Baths, NYC

Aire Ancient Baths are temples dedicated to the relaxation of the body and mind in which time doe not exist. Inspired by the tradition of the baths of the ancient Roman, Greek and Ottoman civilizations and it takes place right the concrete jungle of NYC. Romantically dark with candles and lantern and the Aire staff will walk you through the entire facility explaining about each bath, its temperature, recommended uses and benefits. With steams, massages and much more you will start to feel your stress float away, a perfect place to meditate and unwind.


Hugh Spa, Los Angeles

Hugh Spa is a korean day spa for women designed to help you obtain health and beauty by all natural means. Inspired by the Korean word ‘hyu-ga’, which means to ‘take a break and throw all your troubles out the door’. Hugh Spa focuses on just that. A detox sanctuary, offering a variety of  special amenities and service to satisfy your every detox need. Wether it’s the signature body scuba to exfoliate impurities away, or Herb V-steam to help strengthen your uterus, or the incredibly healing Infrared Magnet Room….. Hugh Spa is the ultimate detox sanctuary.

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