Fashion, if anything, will age you if you always reach for the safe white/beige/greige blase-sophistication. My motto is - be daring and dare to experiment …. you have earned it. Monthly at Ageless Chic I will be unapologetically sharing the secret to not looking frumpy without looking shamefully trendy. I will help you get unstuck and shift your state, peel back years and layers to connect with what you really want or really need. I promise it will be partly cool and ladylike at the same time giving you fashion freedom. So, let’s not play game of trends and snap to Ageless Chic!

Ageless Chic: Lighten Up


Follow me 1. Tory Burch Savonna striped embroidered canvas kaftan / 2. JOY & IMAN Double Tassel Leather Handbag with RFID Protection / 3.Michael Michael Kors…