Ageless Chic: Linda Rodin

Linda Rodin

You are the epitome of Ageless Chic. What does aging mean to you?
Well thank you! I think we are members of the same club. Aging means knowing who you are and being true to that.

How do you describe your style?
My style is classic and very eclectic too. I always want to look like me and not follow a trend for the sake of it. If something new comes around, (which it always does) AND it suits me, that’s great. But I would never buy something just to be “in style”.

Does one’s style change as they get older?
I think I haven’t changed. I have always – since I was 6 years old – worn denim. And it is still what I wear daily. I wouldn’t wear a short skirt (without tights) or a sleeveless top (without a cardigan) but other than that, I really have the same taste/style as always and fortunately the same silhouette.

Can one acquire style these days?
I’m not sure one can “acquire” style. I think style is something one has or one doesn’t. One can’t buy “style”. It is innate, I think.

You styled some amazing celebrities. How difficult was it for them to let go and experience something new?
Everyone is different, of course. Some women are more creative and curious than others, which of course makes my role easier.

You look like you’re in great shape. What is your diet?
I am a very healthy eater. Always have been. I adore good food, which for me is a lot of greens, fish, and an occasional steak. I have never been a snacker or lover of junk food.

What is your take on exercise? What do you do to stay healthy and fit?
Honestly, I really hate exercise. I once belonged to a gym and rarely went. I’ve tried it all: Pilates, yoga, AQUATIC aerobics. And I was always so bored. I am very lucky to be thin. That is a gift. I walk a lot a lot and I am very active in my daily life without any real routine. But I’m always moving somehow.

You have a such diverse fan base on your line Linda Rodin Olio Lusso. What is your must have?
Must have RODIN.

What are your fave beauty products?
I don’t wear makeup. But I wear lipstick always. I love Tom Ford lipstick, a Make Up Forever lip pencil and for the few moments I wear mascara it’s either Saint Laurent or Maybelline.

What is sexy to you?
For me sexy is being healthy, which makes me happy! Health and happiness. HEALTH IS WEALTH.


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