Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking!

Springtime never fails to fill me with optimism… and boy, do we need it now more than ever! Check out My Obsession on all things floral. And get the beauty look that celebrates this trend the most from the IMAN Cosmetics Blog, but nothing frames your face best than the perfect brow… Let the queen of Eyebrow Microblading Pat Cameron school you on this amazing new beauty trend. From IMAN Global Chic we're celebrating the pajama trend in floral for high fashion dosage with a lot of comfort and check out designer Washington Roberts and his exquisite designs. Finally, check out why I adore Topiary in I-Decor for a new spin for your home and garden. However the mood of the world is… choose optimism and joy! Life is a constant adventure.

Love & Gratitude.



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