What Is Sexy Now

Effortless, cozy, chic and a mix of feminine and masculine is what I find sexy. February being the “love” month, we wanted to explore what is sexy and we found out it is an eternal quest. But we all agree on one thing... it’s not really about being sexy but being loved and loving. Whether your other half is a dog like our Ageless Chic Icon Linda Rodin feels for Winky or as our Guest Editor: Helena Christensen puts it – her son and effortless humor. When it comes to the seduction department, check out My Obsession: Sexy vs. Sweet to choose your pick. Don’t forget to shop the trends and be inspired by Iman Ageless Chic on Pinterest to put a spin on sexy with my Borrowed from the Boys board! For me it is all about entertaining my best friends and loved ones, and creating a loving global chic cozy home. You can find all your decorating needs with these divine fabrics from my new IMAN Home Fabric Collection. Finally, sexy is feeling comfortable in your own skin, elegant and Ageless Chic whatever age you’re at. So don’t forget to check out my new venture as a contributor to Yahoo Style where I will be sharing my style and beauty tips on being and living Ageless Chic! Life is a constant adventure.




Yahoo Style and IMAN Ageless Chic