Think Pink!

Pink has become the new neutral for summer and it's not just for the girls as the guys have embraced this optimistic color as well. Check out my pick on all pinks on My Obsession and nothing balances all the sweetness of pink like a true neutral — Desert Sand in I:Decor . When it comes to beauty nothing gives pink an edge of naturalness more than Vernon Francois mastery of hair texturizers… he gives the Yin that pink's Yang begs for. Finally, meet my dearest friend Victor Glemaud who has given the "sweater" its proper due as the ultimate fashion exclamation point! Pink meet your counterpart…. between Vernon the master instigator and Victor the classic re-definer, it's a brand new way of rethinking pink… and it's not only me who's praising these two trailblazers but both have also been snatched by the coolest of them all… Net-a-porter! Life is a constant (sweet) adventure.

Love & Gratitude.



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