Garden Party

For spring designers embraced all things in bloom. Wether they were traditionally feminine or artsy and bold, you have multi-choices. In My Obsession, I’m obsessed with all things floral so check out what made my list. Carlos Mota entertains us with his humor and shows us thru his latest book A Touch of Style how you can colorfully decorate with elegant flower arrangements wether elaborate or simple. Get the look of smoldering hot Goddess from our Tropical Beauty and simple but hot makeup. This season delivers a fresh bouquet of bright both small and oversized florals so check for the best in floral decor wherever you live in I-Decor. Don’t miss the exuberance of big, bold and often worn completely head to toe floral inspiration and how to master this look on my In Full Bloom Pinterest board and let this new motif breathe new life in your closet. There is no better way to celebrate the arrival of spring so we’re having a garden party … come in and enjoy! Life is a constant adventure.




Global Chic: JOY&IMAN