Mind, Body and Soul

I have never been one to make New Year resolutions. I find that I end up always disappointed in myself and it’s the same with my friends as most of them agree nothing short of self-renovation will do and it always ends up badly. How about this year we try something new? Instead of trying to change ourselves to become someone else - how about we become kind to ourselves and show love and gratitude for how far we've already come. Ask yourself “What will make me healthier and happier?” As I gingerly approach this year my 60s birthday, I'm daring myself to reinvent myself. (Stay tuned for this!) If you feel like me, why not try that new career shift, maybe start your own business, engage in a new charity whether it's global or local, mentor, sleep more, cut back on sugar… whatever it is!!! Go ahead… Dare yourself this year. Life is a constant adventure.




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